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Explore further details on the Ciclista Tem Cabeca Sin Censura Video Twitter gore incident and the tragic loss of an innocent man’s life in that accident.

Are you an avid cyclist? If so, you might be aware of the unfortunate accidents that cyclists can face on the roads.

The news surrounding Ciclista Tem Cabeca Sin Censura Video Twitter is making waves, especially in the Mexico region, shedding light on the gruesome accidents befalling cyclists. In this article, we delve into the backstory of this incident and discuss preventive measures to mitigate such accidents.

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About Ciclista Tem Cabeca Sin Censura Video Twitter

The Portuguese phrase “Ciclista Tem Cabeca” translates to “cyclist had a head,” and “sin censura” means “uncensored.” Hence, the trending keyword “Uncensored version of cyclist had a head” has become a focal point on the internet.

This term originated from an unfortunate accident involving the victim, José da Costa Gonçalves. On November 20, 2021, José was cycling on the Avenida Comendador Luciano Guidotti public road in Piracicaba, Brazil, where the Ciclista Tem Cabeca Gore incident occurred. Abruptly, a bus collided with José, causing him to lose control of his bicycle. He fell onto the road, and the bus tire ran over his head. The CCTV footage capturing this tragic event was recently uploaded to Twitter, gaining viral status and spreading across various digital platforms. However, due to the controversies it sparked, the video has been removed from the Twitter platform.

Ciclista Tem Cabeca Gore News

Some gore websites persist in publishing the distressing video depicting how José da Costa Gonçalves’s head was crushed beneath the bus. According to police reports, the bus was traveling from São Pedro to the São Paulo region, where the hit-and-run accident occurred. Despite appearing as a typical hit-and-run incident, witnessing the actual gore scenes from the accident sends shivers down one’s spine.

Availability of the Video

Ciclista Tem Cabeca Sin Censura Video Twitter gained widespread attention when the Zacarias portal uploaded the news on their platform, causing the two-year-old information to resurface.

As the video has aged two years, many websites and social media platforms have removed it. Some websites may still share links to the Gore video, but only a few of these links are authentic, while others appear to be mere fakes. It is essential to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of such content before engaging with it.

Public Thinking On It

The Ciclista Tem Cabeca Gore video invited lots of concern for that 57-year-old man. Most of the people appreciated his willpower for riding bicycles at his older age. On seeing the footage of the accident, he failed to notice the bus. And the investigation reports didn’t reveal the real reason behind the accident. Hence, the public is forcing the officials to find the real cause of the accident.


Therefore, this article discusses how a happy, cheerful cyclist loses much of his precious life in an accident. Ciclista Tem Cabeca Sin Censura Video Twitter news can also act as a lesson for every cyclist driving on the road on how to be very careful while heavy vehicles like buses and lorries are riding near them.

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