{Watch}Michelle Castillo Murder: Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?How Did Michelle Castillo Die? 2023

{Watch}Michelle Castillo Murder: Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?How Did Michelle Castillo Die? 2023

Michelle Castillo Murder, When Michelle Castillo was found hanging from a showerhead in her Ashburn, Virginia, home with an electrical cord around her neck, her family was dumbfounded. The happy-go-lucky mother of five had never displayed suicidal tendencies and had always looked forward to a life with her children. Investigation Discovery’s ‘On the Case With Paula Zahn: No Escape’ portrays the horrible murder and shows how a police investigation unraveled a sinister plot fueled with hatred and rage. Let’s delve deep into the details of this case and find out where the murderer is at present, shall we?

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How Did Michelle Castillo Die?

Michelle Castillo Murder, Michelle Castillo, a proud mother of five, lived in Ashburn's Belmont Station Road residence. Although she was married for Braulio Castillo and was a mother of five, she was experiencing marital problems. She was also estranged from her husband. According to the show she had even filed a protective order against her husband.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now, Michelle was able to finalize her divorce terms on March 19, 2014. She went out with friends, before returning home to retire for the night. Her children, who were still with her, were shocked to discover her missing the next morning. According to reports, Braulio was informed by the children about their mother's disappearance. Braulio was unable to enter the house due to the protective order. He asked a neighbor for help. Michelle was not found, so the police searched the house thoroughly.

{Watch}Michelle Castillo Murder: Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?How Did Michelle Castillo Die? 2023

Michelle was found dead in a basement bathroom. Michelle was hanging from a showerhead with an electric cord around her neck. The death appeared to be suicide but the autopsy revealed a different story. The victim suffered severe injuries to her neck and face, as well as severe bruises to her legs that suggested she was subjected to physical assault. Officers suspected Michelle of homicide further when blood was found on Michelle's clothing and the shower had been wiped clean. A statement by one of the children was also used to confirm that officers had checked Michelle's bedroom and found blood traces. They were sent for further testing.

Who Killed Michelle Castillo

Michelle Castillo Murder, Authorities found it difficult to conduct their primary investigation because there were no witnesses or leads. Officers discovered CCTV cameras in the vicinity that allowed them to see who was approaching the house while they were searching the area. Initialy, police wanted to search for intruders at the midnight hour but couldn't find any. They soon realized that anyone breaking into the house could hide in order to later ambush the victim. They began to review security footage and discovered that around 8:09 PM, a person resembling Braulio had entered the house. The same figure quickly fled the scene shortly after midnight.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now, While Braulio was confirmed by the police, the police did not have sufficient evidence to arrest him. Michelle was able to get the blood test results from the forensics laboratory and this quickly changed. Braulio's DNA was confirmed by the blood test results, which proved that he was in fact present at the crime scene on the night. With concrete evidence to support their case, Braulio and Michelle Castillo were arrested and charged.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now, Braulio, upon being brought in to court, claimed that he was innocent. He pleaded not guilty. The trial was heartbreaking as the jury heard painful testimony and tried to determine what had happened that fateful night. Michelle and Braulio's two children testified against their father, confirming that he was in the house the night of the murder.

{Watch}Michelle Castillo Murder: Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?How Did Michelle Castillo Die? 2023  

The jury returned a guilty verdict and Braulio Castillo convicted of first degree murder, burglary, and violation of protective order. Braulio Castillo was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with an additional 16 year term. Braulio tried unsuccessfully to appeal his conviction. According to reports, Nick Castillo (the eldest son of the couple) filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him. Braulio Castillo remains in Buckingham Correctional Center, Buckingham County, Virginia.

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