{Latest Update}Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading: Information on APA Itu Robot Trading

This article about Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading will inform you about fraud and arrests related to the ATG model Wahyu Kenzo.

Wahyu Kezo, the insanely wealthy Surabaya man, was arrested because he attracted people to his fraudulent business of trading gold.

What is ATG’s speciality? What is the attraction to ATG? Wahyu Kenzo is who? What was his total income? The Indonesia community is eager to hear about any additional steps taken by police. You can read the entire post to learn more about Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading .

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What does the robot trading news contain?

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading, People began to wonder what the viral post was about after it spread on Twitter and Instagram. Wahyu Kenzo recruited more than 25k people around the world and had them participate in his ATG robotic trading, which cost approximately IDR 9 trillion. Toni Harmanto, a regional inspector, stated that ATG trading’s group members are mostly from abroad.

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading, Surabaya Wahyu Kanzo alias WSG was taken into police custody for fraud and ITE violations in relation to the Auto Trade Gold (ATG). Wahyu is also the founder and owner of the ATG Trading Robot. It has earned a profit of IDR 9.3 trillion from thousands of victims.

Toni Harmanto, East Java Police Chief Inspector General, revealed that robot trading had claimed as many as 25 000 victims not only in Indonesia but also abroad. Wahyu Kezo was previously reported to the National Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Unit. According to this report, 141 investors suffered losses exceeding Rp. 15 billion.

APA Itu Robot Trading When was the suspension arouse?

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading, ATG robot has made a lot of money through his robot. MY joined the ATG robot in 2021. The company promised that the robot would make 1-3% of its daily profits and that it will lose no more than 3%. MY bought it for IDR 1billion, and it performed exactly as promised by the makers. He also gave it around 4 billion in the second year.

When he attempted to withdraw his money but it failed, MY thought of the suspension related to Kenzo Robot Trading. He tried other methods, such as withdrawing a small amount because MY believed it was due to the high amount he had entered, but each attempt failed and he called the police. MY became suspicious about the investment at this point. This was the moment MY became suspicious of the investment.

What’s the next step for the police?

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading, The police investigated the case further and discovered that it was suspicious. Surabaya, a wealthy man, was later arrested and taken to prison on 8 March 2023. The investigation into the case continues. It is believed that police will assist those 25 000 people who invested in the case to recover their money.

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We will summarize the ATG model topic that we have discussed so far. According to sources, Wahyu Kezo has been taken into police custody for committing fraud in relation to the ATG model. For more information on the ATG model, visit this link.

Let us know your thoughts about the ATG case. Leave a comment below.

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading -FAQs:

Q1. What is the full name of Wahyu Kenzo?

Dinar Wahyu Saptian Dyfrig.

Q2. When did he bear?

He was born on 21 December 1988.

Q3. Who is the founder of ATG model fraud?

Wahyu Kenzo.

Q4. What is his occupation?

According to his Instagram bio, he is a cryptocurrency and foreign exchange specialist.

Q5. Is he active on Instagram?

His last post was on 22 December 2022.

Q6. What is the full form of the Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading ATG model?

Auto trade gold.

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