Video del doctorcito en el atraco Viral: (Leaked Video)

Video del doctorcito en el atraco Viral.” The stunning pictures of the capture of the youthful force to be reckoned with became viral, releasing a public discussion about savagery, frailty and force of informal organizations.

Video of the specialist in human burglary turns viral

On April 16, Video del doctorcito en el atraco Viral, referred to in interpersonal organizations as “The Specialist”, child of the YouTuber Vincent Carmona “The Dotol Nastra”, was connected to a deadly burglary that happened on the edges of the “Kiss” bar in Santo Domingo . As indicated by the Public Service, Carmona reached a few colleagues to execute the outfitted attack against three youngsters who left the dance club.

“Then those named Chiquito, Luis and Wesly Vicent Carmona (a) The Dotolcito board the vehicle … furthermore, he continues to go to leave, being around then that the researched advise him to quit, destroying Chiquito and Luis, who They continue to captivate the people in question … stateing that it was a burglary, “says the allegation.

Examination and allegations against Dr.Cito child of Dotol Nastra

After the burglary of April 16 that finished with the existence of Joshua Omar Fernández, the Public Service started an examination that prompted serious allegations against Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino, “The DoctorCito”, child of the YouTuber Vincent Carmona “The Dotol Nastra”.

“Contingent upon the support that Wesly Carmona has had, he could confront a punishment of as long as 20 years,” said legal counselor Carlos Nova the mistreating body expresses that Dr.Cito reached the culprits to organize the attack and ensuing getaway. “The Dotolcito was sharing at the” Bar Kiss “disco and reached cabbie Danil Ramírez Santana … to take him to that bar,” says the report.

They capture the “Doctorcito” subsequent to viralizing video of the burglary

Subsequent to connecting to the child of the famous YouTuber Vincent Carmona in the examination of the deadly burglary of April 16, on May 17, Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino, “The DoctorCito”, was captured while characterizing what is going on.

“A shrewd legitimate guard methodology would be presented as an observer and hence arrange his sentence,” said attorney Carlos Nova. The Video del doctorcito en el atraco Viral, releasing responses on informal organizations. “That those mindful compensation”, “I want to believe that they don’t deliver him for being the child of what his identity is,” said clients.

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