Video Attentat Bruxelles 16 Octobre 2023: Watch Video

Video Attentat Bruxelles 16 Octobre 2023: Watch Video

When terror strikes, the images often last long after the event. This was the case with the chilling images that emerged of the Video Attentat Bruxelles 16 Octobre 2023.

In what authorities called a , a lone gunman wreaked carnage in the Sainctelette district of the capital, killing two people and plunging the nation into mourning. But his heinous acts were captured by prying cameras, Video Attentat Bruxelles 16 Octobre 2023 Attack Brussels October 16, 2023

Attack of October 16, 2023 in Brussels filmed

The terrorist attack that shook Brussels on October 16, 2023 was captured in great detail by video cameras in the area. Surveillance footage shows the shooter, dressed in an orange jacket and white helmet, arriving on a scooter near Place Sainctelette. He is seen stopping next to a group of people, pulling out an automatic weapon and shooting them several times at point blank range. The victims are seen rushing to escape while he continues shooting, then getting back on his scooter and speeding away after less than a minute.

The horrific attack was also filmed by witnesses on their mobile phones and the footage quickly circulated on social media and news sites. Amateur video shows the gunman chasing his targets down the street, shooting at them as they flee into the entrance of a building. These disturbing images provide clear shots of the criminal's face that will help authorities identify and locate him. Other videos capture the aftermath, with bloodied victims on the ground before paramedics arrived.

Unfolding of the attack of October 16, 2023 captured on video

The Video Attentat Bruxelles 16 Octobre 2023, providing chilling images of the shooter's actions. The shooting took place just before 7 p.m. near Place Sainctelette in central Brussels, just before a World Cup qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden. Surveillance cameras filmed the attacker, dressed in a bright orange jacket, arriving on a scooter. He is seen stopping near a group of Swedish supporters, pulling out an automatic rifle and firing several shots at them before fleeing.

Interruption of the Belgium-Sweden match and confinement of supporters after the filmed attack

The terrorist attack in Brussels on October 16 overshadowed the FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden which was being played that evening. The match at the Roi Baudouin stadium was interrupted at half-time after the announcement of the fatal shooting. Still shaken by the violence, the Swedish players refused to resume the match. They felt it would have been disrespectful to continue this sporting event after two of their compatriots were shot dead in the streets of Brussels.

Profile of the suspect filmed during the attack in Brussels

The identity of the Brussels attacker quickly emerged as investigators analyzed footage of the shooting. The shooter was identified as Abdesalam L., a 45-year-old Tunisian national. He arrived in Belgium illegally in 2019 and requested asylum, which was refused to him in 2020. Since then, he had disappeared from the radar of the authorities, although he was known to the Belgian and Tunisian police.

Abdesalam had a long criminal history, with convictions for human trafficking, illegal stay in Belgium and attacks on state security. He had also been convicted of common law crimes in Tunisia, but not specifically for terrorism. However, in 2016, the Belgian police received information from a foreign agency that he had become radicalized.