Drivelisten com: Check Details Now! Explore The Website Deals With?

Drivelisten com: Check Details Now! Explore The Website Deals With?

You can find out more about the Drivelisten com app below.

This website allows you to drive more fun by allowing you to listen and play music while driving. is a website that allows you to listen to music while driving. is a website that offers a listening and driving platform in a virtual world. is a popular website that readers want to learn more about.


About Drivelisten com App

Drivelisten com, This app allows you to drive anywhere from your home. The app allows you to virtually drive through more than 50 cities, while listening to local radio broadcasts and hearing street sounds. You can use the app to move around in virtual reality similar to Google Streetview.

There is also music. A key strategy to create a VR experience is to ensure that the digital world mirrors the real one.

How to Use Drivelisten com ?

Drivelisten com, To use this feature, you must follow these steps

  • Open the app and choose the destination city.
  • You can now change the car's speed.
  • After placing the radio, the street sound will be heard.
  • Start your journey.

Both ranges and objects must have the correct dimensions and sizes. It is small in size. It's not far away. Initialy, you see a brief burst on a black-and-white television. As you start to see a widescreen image of a street, the video begins rolling. It seems to indicate that someone has switched channels.

Who developed Drivelisten com?

Drivelisten com, This app was developed by Erkam Eker, a Turkish graduate student. This app was born out of a pandemic-induced longing for the days that Erkam Eker drove around Istanbul listening to radio while creating it.

Lonely Planet was the subject of his statement. He stated that while driving, it occurred to him that other people around the world must not have the same experience as he did. It feels real even though it is not real. It's a virtual driving experience in many cities. lets users choose a radio station, turn on or off external sounds like traffic, vehicles, crosswalks and traffic, as well as the radio station. You can control the speed of a virtual car.

Virtual tours are available in 40 cities including Paris, Havana and Berlin, New York City, Barcelona, Madrid, Madrid, Havana, Havana and Berlin. All trips can be taken while the copilot is driving and listening to local radio stations. It allows you to control vehicles on roads around the world, making it a virtual escape.

What do people think about ?

Drivelisten com, This app has received positive reviews and is being enjoyed by many users. The app has received high ratings from users. Instagram also has a website where users can post their views.

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Summing Up

Drivelisten com, It is perfect for people who need to get away from the hustle of city life, but don't have the time or the energy for a long trip. Sign up, navigate the app and start listening to the music.

Would you like it to be used? Comment.

Drivelisten com FAQs

Q.1 After this app was launched?

Ans - In May 2020.

Q.2 What is it?

Ans- Erkam Seker.

Q.3 Where can you get it?

Ans- Google play store.

4 How to Drive and Listen for Free?

Ans- The app is completely free.

Q.5 Do Drive and Listen authentically?

Ans- Yes.

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