[WATCH VIDEO] Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit: Is The Viral On Reddit, Instagram & Also Accessible on Youtube? Checkout Twitter Link Now!

[WATCH VIDEO] Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit: Is The Viral On Reddit, Instagram & Also Accessible on Youtube? Checkout Twitter Link Now!

Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit: If you're interested in learning about the recent alligator attack on an older woman that has been making headlines in the United States and beyond, this article is for you. It provides information on the unedited video of the incident that has been shared on Reddit, as well as updates on the aftermath and the woman's current condition. Keep reading to stay informed.

The first time the public became aware of the incident involving the alligator attack on an 85-year-old woman, known as the "Gloria Serge Dog Old lady killed by alligator in Florida female kills 85-year gator elderly woman lady eaten," was when the leaked full video went viral on Twitter and Reddit. By this point, several other videos linked to the same account had already started circulating online.

Full Version of Alligator Attack Florida Video Gloria Serge Dog Leaked Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit

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Watch Alligator Attack Florida Video Gloria Serge Dog Leaked Viral Video on Reddit

The "Alligator Attack Florida Video Gloria Serge Dog Leaked full video viral on Twitter, Reddit" clip is gaining popularity and spreading through various channels due to its online accessibility. Despite clear evidence that the video contains sexual content, there is still a growing demand for it with continued inquiries.

What is the reaction of the people from Social Media and the police?

Eyewitnesses reported that the neighbor attempted to rescue the woman from the river, as shown in the YouTube video, but unfortunately, it was too late as the alligator had already killed her. Later, experts were able to trap the alligator.

When 911 dispatchers arrived at the location, they worked to pacify those present to allow for evidence collection and investigation of the scene.

What is the content in Viral incident?

The internet is abuzz with a video being circulated on various platforms like Reddit and Twitter, depicting an alligator attacking and killing an elderly woman who was attempting to save her dog from the river. The tragic incident occurred suddenly as the woman stood by the edge of the river.

According to witnesses, the alligator approached and grabbed hold of Serge's dog. In an effort to free the pet from the gator's clutches, Serge grappled with the reptile and was subsequently bitten.

A neighbor, referred to as Carol, attempted to assist Serge but was unable to do so in time. "I vividly remember her pushing her hair out of her face and gasping for air, while I was telling her to 'swim'.... but she responded with 'I can't, the gator has me,'" she recounted to WPBF. "It's a haunting memory, knowing that there was nothing I could do and I couldn't enter the water."

Alligator Attacks at Florida Lakes in 2022

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2 – Lake Manatee, Florida

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Unfortunately, Lake Manatee was also the site of the second alligator attack in 2022, which occurred at Lake Manatee Fish Camp on July 17, 2022. Eric Merda, who was swimming across the lake, was attacked by an alligator, resulting in the loss of his arm. Merda had lost his way while walking in the woods near the fish camp and decided to swim across the lake instead of walking around it to return to his camp on the opposite side.

Shortly after starting his swim across the lake, Merda noticed an alligator approaching him from the right. The reptile seized his right arm and pulled him underwater, repeatedly rolling him in a death roll. Despite managing to surface three times during the struggle, the alligator tore off significant portions of his arm before swimming away.

Merda made it to the shore, where he screamed for help. However, he was not rescued until three days later. Despite the severity of the attack, doctors at Sarasota Memorial Hospital were able to save his life by amputating the remaining portion of his right arm.

Fortunately, Merda survived the attack, albeit with one less arm.

Reaction of the Netizens on the scene

After watching the video, netizens were shocked and impressed by the elderly woman's bravery and willingness to sacrifice for her pet. Many readers and Instagram users online feel that the organization should enforce stricter rules to prevent similar incidents in the future.

While the alligator trapper was able to catch the alligator, such occurrences are uncommon in Florida.


Florida is widely known as the natural habitat for alligators, with a significant number of these reptiles residing in the state, particularly near water bodies like lakes. Although alligators generally fear humans, frequent human encounters can sometimes result in injuries or even fatalities. In 2022, there was one recorded fatality in Taylor Lake, while two individuals lost limbs to alligator attacks in Lake Manatee and Lake Thonotosassa. These incidents highlight the importance of exercising caution when in areas where alligators are known to live.