Tres Chicos y un martillo Video: (Leaked Video)

Tres Chicos y un martillo Video: three Ukrainian teens giggling and kidding as they brutally beat a vulnerable man the tar out of with a mallet.

Who are “the three young men”?

In 2007, Ukraine was frightened by a progression of severe violations committed by three youngsters nicknamed “Tres Chicos y un martillo Video.” They were Viktor Sayenko, Igor Suprunyuck and Alexander Hanzha, three 19-year-olds from Dnepropetrovsk.

Later known as “the Dnepropetrovsk neurotics,” these three companions completed a chilling flood of savagery that started with the homicide of creatures and immediately prompted the homicide of no less than 21 guiltless individuals. Furnished with a sledge and a camcorder, Viktor, Igor and Alexander reported their vicious violations on record and posted them online in a horrifying presentation.

What happened to “the sledge”?

After their most memorable violations against creatures, “the three young men” tracked down their #1 weapon for their fierce killings: a sledge. Equipped with this straightforward yet deadly instrument, Viktor, Igor and Alexander set out on a horrendous mission of killing in the roads of Dnepropetrovsk.

The usual methodology was quite often something similar. They would distinguish an irregular casualty, generally a desolate and weak man. They moved toward him with some stunt and afterward gave him a ruthless beating with the sledge, frequently supplemented with a screwdriver. They showed no kindness or empathy. They brutally beat their casualties until the end, no matter what their requests and shouts of agony.

For what reason did “video” become a pattern?

In July 2007, Ukrainian police captured the “three young men” liable for a progression of savage killings that had stunned the country. Be that as it may, his catch didn’t end the bad dream. His most chilling video, known as “three young men and a mallet,” was at that point flowing on the Web.

This video, showing the severe homicide of Sergei Yatzenko, immediately turned into a web sensation. The pictures were realistic to such an extent that many idea it was a grim joke or an altering stunt. Be that as it may, when its realness was affirmed, it started worldwide shock and discussion.

How is it that teenagers could be able to do such a lot of wickedness? Why had they distributed that upsetting video? Questions and speculations coursed all over, further powering dismal interest for the situation.

Where to watch the video “three young men and a sledge”

Albeit the sad video of “Tres Chicos y un martillo Video” can be found on the web, it isn’t prescribed to see it. The substance shows outrageous pictures of the fierce homicide of a guiltless individual, so it very well may be incredibly upsetting and awful.

While excessive inquisitiveness might lead some to search out the video, seeing such brutality and savagery seldom makes a positive difference. Rather, there is a gamble of turning out to be sincerely impacted or weakened in the wake of watching it.

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