How Wondershare Filmora Helps Social Media Marketers Improve Video Editing? {2023}

How Wondershare Filmora Helps Social Media Marketers Improve Video Editing? {2023}

How Wondershare Filmora Helps Social Media Marketers Improve Video Editing? It is undoubtedly one of the most effective mediums to advertise and market the products or services. It also aids those seeking to become affiliate marketers or influencers. From providing an endless range of the audience you want to reach, to unique analytical and promotional functions social media channels offer powerful and worth mentioning.

How many of you are trying to have a prominent online presence, but do not succeed because of poor quality video?

The amount of hands raised will be too numerous to overlook. This is because social media platforms have seen an enormous increase in the number of profile of the marketers' users. The competition is intense and outthinking the competition isn't a piece of cake. Alongside being proactive and alert the social media marketing professional should concentrate on creating multimedia content. That's the place where Wondershare Filmora is a must!

How Wondershare Filmora Helps Social Media Marketers Improve Video Editing?

It's normal to feel apprehensive when using video editing software, especially for beginners. Either they are unable to make the best use of the software or they are unable to comprehend the extent of its features. After all, there are a few technical requirements for video editing that need to be taken care of. So, given the resources at hand, mastering video editing requires expertise.

Video editing has never been simpler thanks to Wondershare Filmora, a fantastic piece of software. It includes some of the best capabilities that are difficult to find in a single piece of software and has an interactive, user-friendly user interface. Overall, Filmora is a complete piece of software that facilitates professional-quality video editing.

Features of Wondershare Filmora worth consideration

  • Instant editing mode

Filmora's Instant Mode, which doesn't require any editing from you, is its best feature. All you have to do is select the template from 115 selections, then upload the media of your choosing. Templates for travel, sports, and many other things can be added. Filmora will create the video with the best effects and precise colour concentration once you upload it.

instantaneous editing

  • Split screens

With the aid of Filmora's split screen capability, making a video collage has never been simpler. A transition or explanation video can be made using 2 to 6 screens and more than 30 templates. Additionally, the video clips must be dragged and dropped into each area of the template before the video starts playing automatically. If you include images when creating the video, animation can also be added. You will also be able to individually adjust the tilt, zoom, colour, and other features of each screen portion.

  • Massive video effects

One of the best advantages of Filmora is the enormous video effects. More than 900 effects, including blurred borders, title and caption, drag-and-drop transitions, and many others, are available in the software. As a result, you may effortlessly adjust the video to suit your needs and guarantee that you live up to your fans' expectations. Additionally, the dynamic countdown feature with more than 50 effects is available. The time-lapse, text, image, and many other characteristics for the countdown template parts are editable and customizable. You may add technical elements to the movie, including a variety of particles and smokiness, and make it look more professional thanks to the NewBlue tool's partnership.

  • Color match

You might occasionally need to include videos with poor colour correcting. As a result, you can utilise Color Match in this situation to adjust your video's colours to that of a reference clip. You can choose the colour you wish to use for the entire film and the percentage you want it to be that colour (0 being the lowest and 100 signifying positively).

  • Speech-to-text converter

Filmora assists in text conversion of the voice in your film thanks to its speech-to-text converter. This text can be used as a caption or subtitle for the video. As a result, Filmora does transcription with greater precision and accuracy.

  • Green screen

You may quickly add any background to your video photos and unique effects using this capability. Choose a green screen, add the collected material, and pick the background or special effect of your choice if you want to fly over a field of flowers or enjoy your virtual vacation in Hawaii.

Some other alternatives of Filmora

Despite the market's abundance of video editing software solutions, Filmora from Wondershare remains the best in its field. The software enables you to apply special effects and edit films to produce a professional result. It is packed with some of the most powerful features, including AI portrait, green screen, split screen, text-to-speech, and many more.

Tech specifications of Filmora

You must first update your system's graphics drivers. If you continue to use the outdated Graphics drivers, you won't be able to experience Filmora at its best.

Other technical needs are as follows:

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11 64-bit versions are supported.
  • Intel i3 and later versions of the processor (for HD and 4K videos, Intel 6th Gen is recommended)
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R5; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or higher; Intel HD Graphics 5000 or higher
  • Initial RAM is 4 GB, whereas 4K and HD films require 8 GB.
  • 10 GB minimum disc space is required for installation

Pricing plans of Filmora

Filmora has three monthly, annual, and perpetual PI packages for three categories. These are: 

  1. Individual plans
  • The monthly pack is $ 19.99 USD
  • The annual pack is $ 49.99 USD
  • The Perpetual PI pack is $ 79.99 USD
  1. Team & Business plans
  • The annual pack of Team is $ 155.88 USD per user
  1. Educational plans
  • The monthly pack for students is $ 19.99 USD
  • The annual pack for students is $ 40.99 USD
  • A Perpetual PI pack for students is $ 49.99 USD


While video editing can be intimidating, you can simply win the race with Wondershare Filmora. Even Pro Tools can't compete with some of the software's incredible and powerful features. Being a versatile tool, it enables you to edit movies in a variety of ways, from using a green screen to modify the background to using colour change to enhance the colours in a reference video clip. What are you still holding out for? It's time to take advantage of the discounted membership models and learn the art of video editing so that you can dominate your social media accounts.