Sybil Lau LinkedIn: Who Is Sybil Lau? Check Sybil Lau Family, Age & Father Details Here!

Sybil Lau LinkedIn: Who Is Sybil Lau? Check Sybil Lau Family, Age & Father Details Here!

The below post will discuss the facts related to Sybil Lau LinkedIn profile and her relationship details with Ng Kok Song.

Do you know Sybil Lau? Do you know why he has been trending on social media platforms recently? Sybil is one of the most popular topics of conversation online nowadays. Further, learn more about her sudden popularity and life details, including her professional aspect. People searched for Sybil’s information online after her fiance announced his presidential candidate participation. Sybil is mainly famous in Singapore.

Let us discover more details about Sybil Lau LinkedIn through this post and learn about his personal and professional life details. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Why is Sybil Lau’s LinkedIn profile in the discussion?

Sybil joined LinkedIn in 2006, but her profile has recently been trending on social media networking sites. Sybil’s profile shows she is a director of Well Health Technologies Corp., a family business. As per the reports, Sybil Lau Age is 45 years old.

It is because she was introduced as the fiance of Ng Kok Song, who announced his presidential candidacy on 19th July 2023.

Life history: Sybil Lau

Sybil obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2000 from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Further, her college education details are not mentioned. Sybil Lau Family is a wealthy family with a great legacy. Sybil is a citizen of Singapore but raised in Canada.

Sybil achieved massive success at a very young age. She worked as a financial analyst for two years and joined the family business in 2009. Sybil is passionate about philanthropy work. In 2020 Sybil commenced working in the management team of her family business faked by the creator of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio.

Family Details of Sybil Lau

Sybil Lau Father, Liu Zhaohang, served as Canada’s High Commissioner in Brunei and the first Canadian-Chinese diplomat of G7. Sybil’s grandfather was a well-known businessperson who worked in finance and real estate.

Final Summary

The whole internet was left shocked post- Ng Kok’s announcement. They are very distinguished personalities in terms of career, family and age difference.

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Sybil Lau LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1. How many candidates are running for the presidential election of Singapore 2023?

Ng Kok Song is the third candidate to announce his candidacy before him; Tharman Shanmugaratnam and George Goh have already declared their participation.

Q2. Who is Ng Kok Song?

Ng is a 75-year-old businessman. He is a former investment officer of GIC.

Q3. When did Ng Kok Song announce his presidential election candidacy?

On 19th July 2023, Ng announced the news in the presence of his family and fiance, Sybil Lau.

Q4. Who Is Sybil Lau?

Sybil Lau is the fiance of the recently announced presidential election candidate Ng Kok Song.

Q5. How many kids does Ng’s song have?

Ng Song is a widower with three kids.

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