So o senhor jeová Portal Zacarias: (Leaked Video)

The merciless wrongdoing where a man wounded his sweetheart to death while yelling “So o senhor jeová Portal Zacarias” stunned Brazil lately.

What is So the Ruler Jehovah Entrance Zechariah?

So o senhor jeová Portal Zacarias” alludes to the inclusion made by the famous Wrongdoing News Entry by writer Zacarias on the sad situation where a man wounded his better half to death while yelling the strict expression “Just the Ruler Jehovah”.

Entry de Zacarias is one of the vitally Brazilian sites worked in covering violations, mishaps and police cases. With a group of experienced correspondents, the entryway furnishes inside and out inclusion of cases with incredible public effect.

What befell the So the Master Jehovah case?

As per reports from Entry de Zacarias, the horrible case happened on December fifth in the city of Guarulhos, in São Paulo. The lawbreaker, recognized as Jonas Souza, matured 32, baited his sweetheart Gabriella Silva, matured 28, to a home saying she needed to continue the relationship.

Nonetheless, after showing up at the scene, Jonas locked the entryway and started viciously hitting Gabriella with a kitchen blade, hitting her neck, chest and mid-region on various occasions while yelling wildly “Just the Master Jehovah”.

As indicated by reports from neighbors, Gabriella’s horrifying shouts were heard for about 5 minutes until the police showed up at the crime location in the wake of being called by occupants. Gabriella was taken to the clinic however didn’t get by. Jonas was trapped in the demonstration by the police and admitted to the wrongdoing, showing lament.

Where to follow the case

To follow the most recent news and improvements working on it, Gateway de Zacarias is the absolute most complete source. On the site, an extraordinary segment was made pretty much the wrongdoing “So o senhor jeová Portal Zacarias” uniting every one of the reports delivered.

Besides, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Gateway distributes everyday updates on the advancement of police examinations, family circumstances, Jonas’ conviction, and different subtleties of the case.

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