MBA Scholarships in USA


Are you preparing to pursue an MBA at a top business school in America? USA and are you worried about the high tuition charges at the best businesses schools? Each year, thousands of students are aspiring to attend the highly regarded MBA businesses schools across the globe! The majority of these students fail to get into a business school that is reputable and not due to a lack of skills or qualifications however due to the expense of earning an MBA degree around the globe. The best American business schools have hefty sums for tuition but MBA at the USA is the preferred destination of a lot of students. If you're interested in studying MBA at a top business school in USA and you are concerned about the price, then read on because we will provide all the necessary MBA scholarship opportunities in the USA that you should submit an application to!

What are the reasons to submit an application for an MBA award?

Before you dive onto the choices of MBA scholarships available in the USA we will examine the reasons you should submit an application to the scholarships to pursue your studies in the USAand the benefits to receiving the scholarship!

  • The primary reason is the financial aspect! They are designed to alleviate the burden of financial responsibility and help students pursue higher education can cause international students during the process of applying.
  • Another great reason to seek out scholarships is the chance to get out of debtby paying for student loans! The idea of a student loan is stressful for every student, and by applying for scholarships, you will be able to finance your education in a relaxed and comfortable way.
  • They aren't just financial, but is also a fantastic way to highlight your achievements and increase the value of the value of your CV. The awarding of a merit-based award is an honor that is rare and is a significant achievement. Employers are always looking for the most unique resumes and obtaining an award is the key to a successful career.
  • Another advantage of securing one of these scholarships is the opportunity to create an online network of academics and professionals. Many scholarship winners are given the opportunity to network and meet with other recipients and previous winners, which is an excellent opportunity to make connections and grow your career.

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List of MBA Scholarships in USA

The best school of business in the USA provide financial aid for all students who are interested in a master's degree in business administration. These programs enable talented and skilled individuals to pursue their studies at top universities for a reasonable costs. Below is the list of MBA scholarships in the USA that are offered by the top business schools across the country:

  • Harvard Business School Scholarships
  • Kellogg Scholarship ( Kellogg School of Management)
  • Wharton School of Business
  • Sloan School of Management
  • UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • Columbia Business School
  • Tuck School of Management
  • UCLA Anderson Scholarships
  • Chicago Booth School of Business Scholarships
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business Scholarships
  • NYU Stern School of Business Scholarship
  • Yale School of Management
  • McCombs MBA Scholarships
  • Tepper School of Business Scholarships (Carnegie Mellon)
  • University of Michigan's Ross School of Business
  • Consortium for Graduate Study in Management
  • Forte MBA Fellowships for Women
  • Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA Fellowship
  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award
  • ESADE Women of the World Scholarship
  • Orbis Investment Management MBA Fellowship

Let's look at a few of the most popular scholarships in more detail:

Harvard Business School Scholarships

Harvard Business School is a college within Harvard University and is the highest-ranked MBA school across the USA. The Harvard Business School offers need-based scholarships for all international students who qualify with tuition aid. Every Financial aid plan is designed to be individualized taking into consideration the unique and diverse needs of each candidate's financial situation. The admissions application process for Harvard Business School is need-blind and allows students to be admitted according to merit. Harvard Business School scholarships are paid for by alumni. the scholarship awarded is about $42000 per year. The deadline for the scholarship is on May 23, 2023.

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Kellogg School of Management Scholarships

Kellogg School of Management which is affiliated in Northwestern University offers various merit-based and need-based awards to accepted students. International students can apply to apply for the Kellogg Scholarship. It is awarded to those who are accepted into full-time MBA programs on the basis of their merits and other accomplishments. The school also offers other awards like the Diversity Award, Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships, Kellogg Finance Network Scholarship etc. All students accepted are automatically considered for merit scholarships.

Wharton School of Business Scholarships

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvaniahas an excellent system of financial aid. The university will consider every applicant to be eligible for its Wharton Fellowship Program. The fellowship program is based on merit and assesses applicants by academic performance and community service, as well as extracurricular activities, personality traits and leadership traits. The business school also provides various aid programs including scholarships like the Joseph Wharton Fellowship, Emerging Economy Fellowship, Social Impact Scholarship and Wharton Fellowships for current Students.

MIT Sloan School of Management Scholarships

Sloan School of Management is among the top business schools within MIT in the USA. The school offers financial aid by way of merit-based fellowships for all applicants without requiring any additional application. Students who apply are eligible to be eligible for the McKinsey Award. This award comes with $1000 presented to students by McKinsey and Company to students who have exceptional talent who exhibit the qualities of leadership, character characteristics, and has worked in the past.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Scholarships

The Haas School of Business offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to students who are registered. Students who qualify to apply for MBA programs will be taken into consideration for the programs. need-based scholarships offered provided by UC Berkeley Haas School of Business include grant awards, Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership and Centre for Responsible Business fellowship. The list of merit-based scholarships is endless and includes awards such as the Dr. Tahir Fellowship as well as C & J White Fellowship for MBA finance students.

Columbia Business School

It is Colombia University 'Business Schooloffers scholarships and fellowships based on merit or need of the admitted students. These awards provide the option of full or partial tuition and those who are selected receive an award amount in $7,500-$30,000. A lot of students are eligible for merit-based fellowships when they fill out applications prior to the deadline for merit-based fellowships. Indian students may be eligible for fellowships such as Columbia Fellow or Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program for students who are exceptionally talented.

Chicago Booth School of Business Scholarships

It is the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business offers merit-based scholarships for students who are promising. All candidates are considered for highly meritorious scholarships, and applicants are not required to submit a separate application form. The school also offers an award called the Global Innovator Fellowship for ambitious and promising students. There are regional awards such as that of A.H Tabaccowala Fellowship and the Ramakrishnan Family Fellowship meant for residents of India only.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business provides a broad variety of fellowships and scholarships for students who are promising to help them fund their dreams. Each year, the school provides awards of up to $40,000-$80,000. International students are eligible to submit applications for Stanford GSB Need-Based Fellowship and the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship for Indian applicants, which covers the entire tuition cost and 80% of the cost of attendance for each student.

Dartmouth College Tuck School of Management Scholarships

Tuck School Management is part of the highly regarded Dartmouth College, it provides fellowships, scholarships and sponsorships to the most promising students. The financial awards given by the college range from $10,000 up to full tuition, based on accomplishments in academics, leadership capabilities and the versatility of the student.

UCLA Anderson School of Management Scholarships

All students admitted to the school are eligible for merit or donor scholarships provided through UCLA Anderson School of Management. UCLA Anderson School of Management. Every student is automatically eligible for these awards regardless of their nationality. It is the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Dean's Fellowship is meant for students who have a need of financial aid. applicants can receive up to $30,000 of aid.

Application Procedure

Students must go through the following steps to be able to apply for study abroad programs:

  1. Examine the entire course, student testimonials as well as the overall school's rank in narrowing your selection of schools and universities. You can also utilize Leverage Edu's AI Course search tool to assist you in choosing the right course for your needs.
  1. Find the answers to all your questions regarding the program and the application process as well as the cost, methodology of instruction, placements etc. Get in touch with the institutions you've been shortlisted by.
  1. Learn to prepare for tests that are standardized, such as tests like the GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT along with other tests such as IELTS TOEFL, TOEFL and PTE.
  2. Preparing application essays. One of the most important aspects of an application is to write an engaging and unique SOP since it holds an enormous amount of importance. Students may be required to submit essays to be considered for admission as well as research proposals for MBA programs.


How do I apply for an award to study MBA within the USA?

The majority of top business schools provide scholarships and financial aid for students who are applying to the MBA program at their universities. The scholarships offered are based on need, the basis of which is merit or diversity. In order to qualify for an award to study for an MBA the applicant must submit an impressive application.

What can I do to get free MBA in the USA?

Certain American business schools provide full coverage scholarships to worthy students. The chance to be awarded a fully financed program with one of the most prestigious universities is a rare feat.

What is a great GMAT score to be considered for scholarships?

In addition to other than GMAT scores, the committees take into consideration various qualifications and accomplishments before awarding an award. There isn't a minimum or acceptable GMAT score set by institutions or universities, however scores above 720 should be the goal.

Do you think MBA in the USA worth the investment?

The USA is considered to be the top place to study and earning an MBA degree from the US is certainly worthwhile. The top business schools such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Wharton School under the University of Pennsylvania offer enriching and competitive MBA classes which include faculty from around the world, international exposure and much more!

How long does MBA in the USA?

Full-time, regular MBA is available for two years to interested applicants. The pursuit of an MBA is feasible by utilizing MBA scholarships offered in the USA! It is essential to research every scholarship you can during the application to get the most out of the opportunities available and reach your goals.

The process of applying to several schools and scholarships can be exhausting and tedious If you require professional help, arrange a time to meet with the experts from Leverage Edu. the Leverage Education to help make the process more efficient and enjoyable!