Rourke Andy Morrissey: Who Is Rourke Andy’s Better half? Actually look at Data On His Reason for Death, Instagram, And Reddit Record Subtleties

This article uncovered more about Andy Rourke’s vocation and medical problems and furthermore about Rourke Andy Morrissey music band.

Who is Andy Rourke? When has he kicked the bucket? Rourke Andy was an English artist, the bassist of the musical crew the Smiths, who played bassist of the Smiths musical crew. Rourke died at 59 years old in New York City. The Overall artists communicated their anguish for Andy Rourke’s misfortune. Peruse Rourke Andy Morrissey article for more data about how Andy Rourke’s died.

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Rourke Andy Eulogy

Rourke Andy’s genuine name was Andrew Michael Rourke. Rourke was brought into the world on seventeenth January 1964 in Lancashire, Manchester, Britain. He was an English performer on four English band collections. He was the best bassist in the Smiths musical gang. He generally gives a shaking execution in his bass playing with song.

Rourke Andy, The incredible bass music player, died on nineteenth May 2023 at 59 years old. He kicked the bucket in New York City’s Commemoration Sloan Kettering Disease Center.

What was Rourke Andy’s reason for Death?

Rourke Andy, the bass player, gave the power and energy behind the hazily rhythmical impressions of the Smiths. He was one of the most remarkable groups of the 80s. Rourke kicked the bucket on nineteenth May 2023, Friday, in Manhattan.

Rourke Andy’s representative reported that he passed on at Remembrance Sloan Kettering Center because of pancreatic malignant growth. The entire music world had an incredible loss of a bass performer. The substance present in the article is for the peruser’s educational reason as it were.

Rourke Andy and Morrissey

Morrissey has compensated Accolade for the deficiency of previous Smiths bass performer Andy Rourke. Morrissey states that Andy Rourke never bites the dust as long as his tune music is heard. Johnny Marr reported Rourke passed on from a delayed pancreatic disease, and Andy was 59 years of age. Marr communicated his profound sadness over his passing. He expressed Rourke Andy would be evoked as a lovely, kind, and incredibly gifted performer to the music fans.

The craftsman shared a message in which Marr depicted Rourke as one of the uncommon performers. He likewise referenced on Instagram as the Smiths band Ex-drummer Mike Joyce tended to Andy Rourke as a skilled bass music player. And furthermore, he referenced Rourke was the most clever, best individual he had at any point met.

Rourke Music Band

Rourke Andy shaped The Smiths music band in Manchester with Morrissey, Joyce and Marr in 1982. Andy added to every one of the four of the English Manchester band’s studio music collections: The music groups The Smiths in 1984, Meat Is Murder in 1985, The Sovereign Is Dead in 1986 and Strangeways, Here We Came in 1987. In this manner, The Smiths band split, and Joyce and Rourke played Sinead O’Connor.

Andy Rourke’s Better half

In 2009 Andy Rourke moved to New York City. Andy wedded Francesca Mor in 2012, began another life, and appreciated it. She served on East Town Radio as a DJ. In 2022 Andy uncovered another new band name Barrage Vega. He made music for Some unacceptable Person – a short movie, and Alejandro Montoya Marin guided it. Rourke Andy’s last presentation with Marr’s band was adequately proper. In September 2022, Andy joined the Marr’s band in front of an audience at Madison Square Nursery in New York. Francesca endures Andy.

Rourke Andy Morrissey

Andy Rourke, the Smiths bassist, passed on because of pancreatic disease. Rourke’s impact on awesome music and non mainstream pop in Smith’s band. His colleagues, Johnny Marr, guitarist, Unpleasant Exchange, the band’s mark, and Morrissey, the artist, are regarded for Andy’s misfortune. Morrissey lauded on his site as his bandmate Andy won’t ever pass on as long as his exquisite music is heard.

After the Smiths isolated, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, the drummer, started judicial procedures in inconsistency of Johnny Marr and Morrissey over sovereignties.


The Smiths bass performer Andy Rourke bites the dust after an extensive fight with pancreatic malignant growth. Guitarist Johnny Marr affirmed Rourke’s Passing with profound despondency. Click the Andy Rourke Orbituary subtleties in this connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was Andy Rourke?

Andy Rourke, the Smith band bassist.

Q2. At which age Rourke passed on?

At 59 years old.

Q3. How Andy Rourke kicked the bucket?

Andy Rourke kicked the bucket because of an extended clash of pancreatic disease.

Q4. Who is Andy Rourke’s soul mate?

Francesca Mor


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