30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park: Celebrate Jurassic Park's 30th Anniversary With Dino-Mite LEGO Sets

30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park: Celebrate Jurassic Park's 30th Anniversary With Dino-Mite LEGO Sets

30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park, This year marks the 30th anniversary for Steven Spielberg's blockbuster classic "Jurassic Park". Universal will celebrate the landmark anniversary with a variety of merchandise and entertainment for fans.

The most exciting news is the new LEGO "Jurassic Park", which finally delivers perfectly-sized brick versions of the Jurassic Park Jeep, and Ford Explorer from the ruined theme park. It wouldn't be a "Jurassic Park LEGO collection" without some dinosaurs and minifigures of all the key characters from the movie. Fans will also enjoy the important details, like the Barbasol shaving gel that can be used in smuggling dinosaur DNA.

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Stick to your guns

  • LEGO Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Ambush lets kids create a memorable Jurassic Park scene. This collectible building set features a Jeep and Dilophosaurus figures. Children can let their imaginations take flight and decide if they can escape the Dilophosaurus attack. Dennis Nedry is the driver.

Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight), a sneaky man, doesn't get away from John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough). He tries to steal dinosaur DNA to sell it to an unknown buyer. Instead, he is made into a tasty meal for the Dilophosaurus.

30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park, You also get the Jurassic Park Jeep, Dilophosaurus and a Nedry minifigure. The minifigure's head pivots to reveal a sticky-venom-stained face.

Two no-shows, one sick Triceratops

* LEGO Jurassic Park Triceratops Research offers children the chance to join Dr. Ellie Sattler or Dr. Ian Malcolm in a mission to discover dinosaurs. Jump out of your off-roader vehicle to help the Triceratops with their illness.

30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park, The tour does not go according to plan when Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler, Donald Gennaro's lawyer Donald Gennaro and John Hammond's grandkids Lex, and Tim, venture into Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs are not always there on command. There's also a Triceratops in need of medical attention. The movie's magic moment is when Dr. Sattler leaps from the tour vehicle in order to have a closer look at one of these prehistoric creatures. It's a wonderful scene that reminds us these dinosaurs are not monsters even scarier and more flesh-hungry.

30th Anniversary Sets Lego Jurassic Park, This set gives us the LEGO version the Ford Explorer in neon colors and the Jurassic Park logo. It's a great addition to the LEGO collection. This was previously only available in larger LEGO sets, so we are glad that it is now available in this smaller LEGO set. It also has a large pile of dinosaur poop. Who doesn't love a brick butt truffle?

Welcome to Jurassic Park

* LEGO Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus Discovery set invites you to hop in the Jeep(r), Wrangler and go looking for dinosaurs with John Hammond (Ellie Sattler) and Dr. Alan Grant. Fans can either recreate the classic scene from the original Brachiosaurus LEGO movie, which featured the first ever Brachiosaurus LEGO dinosaur or build the model and display it when completed.

Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler and Dr. Malcolm are treated to one of the most memorable moments in "Jurassic Park". John Williams' score is elevated as we watch the huge Brachiosaurus walk across an open field in search of some shrubbery. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and their best Spielberg faces look at the magnificent creature off-camera. You can now recreate the scene with another Jurassic Park Jeep. You can actually create two scenes because the tree you can build has a platform that allows Grant to be placed at the top of the dinosaur's head to give it leaves. You will need a completely different set if Lex and Tim are to be included.

We spared no expense

LEGO Jurassic Park Visitors Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack evokes memories of Jurassic Park's classic film. Fans can perform tests and inspect the eggs with Ray Arnold and Dr. Henry Wu. Enjoy a quick bite with Dr. Ellie Sattler (Joseph Mazzello) and Dr. Alan Grant (Tim Murphy). Before the T. rex or Velociraptor create chaos, Tim, Ariana Richards, and Dr. Ray Arnold take a break in our kitchen. This 693-piece set offers endless play possibilities for both children 12+ and adult fans.

The Jurassic Park visitor centre is finally here. Although it isn't as impressive as the bigger LEGO Ideas creation, which was not approved for production some years ago, it will get the job done. The set includes many minifigures including Ellie, Lex and Tim in their roughest and most abused versions. Wong).

There's also a T-rex, a Velociraptor and the fossil display they smash up in the film’s final, complete with the banner that reads, "When dinosaurs ruled Earth."

These items, with the exception of Brachiosaurus sets, are now available for preorder. However, they will not ship until June 1, 2023.

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