Piquero Se Rompe La Cara Video: (Leaked Video)

The video named “Piquero Se Rompe La Cara Video” is a viral vibe that started in 2009 however as of late reemerged on TikTok.

The mishap

The video named “Piquero Se Rompe La Cara Video” shows a young fellow attempting to leap off a scaffold in Manara, Beirut, and hits his face on a design, causing serious wounds and dying. The video became a web sensation in 2009 and as of late reemerged on TikTok, where it has been seen by a large number of individuals.

The booby has not been distinguished and its ongoing condition is obscure. In any case, the video has created a lot of conversation on the web, for certain individuals communicating worry for the booby’s prosperity and others condemning his choice to leap off the extension.

The results

The booby mishap had serious results. The booby experienced serious facial wounds and was taken to emergency clinic. His ongoing condition is obscure, however almost certainly, he has experienced long-lasting harm.

The beginning of the viral video

The video “Piquero Se Rompe La Cara Video” started in 2009. It is accepted to have been kept in Manara, Beirut. The video shows a young fellow attempting to leap off an extension, however hits his face on a design. The video immediately became famous online and was shared all over the planet.

The resurgence of video on TikTok

In 2023, the video reemerged on TikTok. It was broadly reshared and immediately turned into a viral sensation. The video has been seen large number of times and has created a lot of conversation on the web. Certain individuals have communicated worry for the booby’s prosperity, while others have scrutinized the video for being heartless.

Extreme facial injury

The effect of the blow against the design made serious harm the booby’s face. He experienced different facial cracks, profound cuts and tissue misfortune. The wounds were extreme to the point that specialists needed to carry out broad reconstructive procedure to fix the harm.

Super durable distortion

Notwithstanding the specialists’ endeavors, the booby was passed on with long-lasting distortions to his face. He lost piece of his upper lip and his nose was twisted. He likewise endured harm to his eyes, causing vision issues.

Speculations about the endurance of man

Piquero Se Rompe La Cara Video, a few speculations arose about the man’s endurance. A few clients guaranteed that he had kicked the bucket in the emergency clinic because of the seriousness of his wounds, while others asserted that he had made due and was in basic condition. Be that as it may, there is no authority affirmation about his ongoing status.

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