[Update] Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia: Need to Really take a look at Pata Seca Slave Raiser Story? Find His Kids Subtleties Here!

[Update] Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia: Need to Really take a look at Pata Seca Slave Raiser Story? Find His Kids Subtleties Here!

The article features every one of the subtleties of Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia and the historical backdrop of how he fathered 200 kids, and why he was known as the slave reproducer.

Have you known about Pata Seca? A few stories have come up from history about a man known as Roque Jose Florencio, a slave raiser. Individuals from India and the US are shocked to be familiar with him and anxious to get more subtleties on Pata Seca.

In this article, we will examine every one of the insights concerning Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia, and attempt to give all the data about his life.

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Who is Pata Seca?

Pata Seca is quite possibly of the most recollected figure ever. The battle and heart shape he went through gives a profound information on the entirety of his versatility and the hardships of the subjugated individual during the time of servitude. He is known to be the dad of around 200 youngsters.

A sum of 30% of the populace is his own. According to additional reports, he had to have actual relations with all the slave ladies, and they brought forth around 200 youngsters.

Subtleties on Pata Seca Slave Raiser

The dull period of bondage in Brazil is a boring tale to review, and one of the horrendous practices that followed during that time was the act of slave raisers. Pata was obliged to have associations with every one of the subjugated ladies, and during that course, he became a dad to very nearly 200 youngsters.

There was likewise an odd conviction that a tall man with slight vehicles was probably going to create male kids, and it was beneficial during those times to deliver male youngsters.

Pata Seca Slave Story

Pata was 2.18 meters tall and was the specific individual to be a reproducer and an ideal person for the assignment. His story is moving; he was subjugated for 1:30 years and was a dad to more than 200 youngsters. He was brought into the world in the nineteenth 100 years and turned into an eminent figure in Brazil.

Individuals actually discuss him and examine their past and servitude history. He was known for his dainty legs; pata seca implies dry legs.

Number of Pata Seca Youngsters Known

Roque Jose was a dad to in excess of 200 youngsters, and it is accepted that he partook in his situation as a subjugated individual since he didn't need to work in the fields and neither lived with the other oppressed individuals.


Roque Jose Florencio had a decent connection with his proprietor and was keen on every one of the obligations of conveying mail and dealing with the animal ranch. Those intrigued to find out about his previous existence and battles can visit online sites to be familiar with him.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Pata Seca's unique name?

Roque Jose Florencio.

Q2. Where was he conceived?


Q3. Did he get hitched?

Indeed, he got hitched to the lady whom he met while taking care of his responsibilities.

Q4. What was his significant other's name?


Q5. What number of youngsters did the couple share?

They had nine kids together.

Q6. How was the existence of Pata Seca?

His life was loaded up with battles and issues.

Q7. What is his date of birth?

We have no insights concerning his date of birth yet.