Padre julio lancellotti Video Twitter: (Leaked Video)

Padre julio lancellotti Video Twitter as of late has produced extraordinary disturbance and shock.

Disputable video including Father Júlio Lancellotti on Twitter

A video supposedly showing Padre julio lancellotti Video Twitter taking part in improper movement with a minor started flowing on Twitter, producing extraordinary discussion. The video brings serious allegations against the notable strict man, who completes social work with the destitute populace in São Paulo.

As per reports, the video started to spread across virtual entertainment on Saturday, January twentieth. In it, a man with actual qualities like those of Father Júlio seems jerking off a minor. Rapidly, clients started to blame the strict individual for pedophilia, sharing the video in large numbers.

Examination of the veracity of Father Júlio Lancellotti’s video

Revista Oeste employed specialists Reginaldo Tirotti and his little girl Jaqueline to examine the veracity of the video where Father Júlio Lancellotti supposedly shows up in an obscene demonstration with a minor. In a report, they confirm that the video is valid.

The end depends on prosopographic attributes, for example, face shape, ears and sparseness to distinguish Father Júlio. Be that as it may, this approach is challenged by specialists. “There is no reason for examining facial highlights despite a potential video made with deepfake innovation. Also that graphology is nearer to soothsaying than science”, says Mario Gazziro, teacher at UFABC.

Repercussion of Father Júlio Lancellotti’s video on Twitter

The video where Padre julio lancellotti Video Twitter supposedly seems participated in unseemly movement with a minor has been causing a colossal mix via online entertainment since last Saturday (20).

At first shared on Twitter, the phony video spread across WhatsApp, Facebook and different stages, creating a rush of assaults and allegations against the prestigious strict figure. Many clients started to stigmatize the minister, considering him a “pedophile” and a “criminal”. Then again, numerous appearances of fortitude additionally arisen. The Archdiocese of São Paulo gave an assertion of help, characterizing the video as “slander”. Common liberties legal counselors additionally showed support for the minister.

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