{Watch} Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter: Video Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Media? 2023

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Are you familiar with the fight between Nikee and Royalty? What are the Royalty and Nikee? Why did they fight? You want more information on the fight video? This video shows that the fight between Nikee & Royalty occurred in the United States.

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Disclaimer – This article only discusses the Royalty and Nikee fight video. It doesn’t attempt to promote violence or illegal content.

Royalty and Nikee fight?

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter, The viral video of the Royalties and Nikee fight that was recently posted online is causing a stir. The video is being searched on Telegram as well as other social media sites. The video shows Royalty and Nikee engaging in an aggressive fight.

The fight video was shared by a Twitter user. You can find the links to social media below for those who are interested.

Nikee and Royalty?

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter, According to sources, both were exes of Youtuber CJ Cool and had children together. CJ So Cool posts funny content to his Youtube. The former partners of CI So Cool aren’t on good terms with one another.

Reason of fight?

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter, From their initials, Royalty and Nikee had a terrible relationship. They even challenged one another through hashtags, posts on Instagram and social media stories. They started pulling each other off. They finally got into a physical fight.

Instagram also shared the fight video of Royalty and Nikee. In the caption, the user said that #Royalty and her baby were involved in a physical altercation.

 Nikee and Royalty fighting video Viral  

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter, The most popular video on the internet is undoubtedly the Royalty vs Nikee fight video. Redditors even shared Royalty &Nikee fight video because it is viral on Reddit.

People react to the fight

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter, People are now sharing their thoughts on the Twitter platform after watching the viral fight video of Nikee vs Royalty on Tickok.

One Twitter user joked that Royalty was entering there.

Another Twitter user joked that Royalty was wearing the hoodie in a sloppy way.

Social Media

Final Verdict

The Nikee & Royalty fight video are very aggressive, and are currently the most popular video on the internet.

What is the reason behind Royalty and Nikee’s fight? Please comment below.

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