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Are you curious about Mr Beast? Do you want to find out why Mr Beast is so popular? You should read this article until the end if you are. His philanthropic efforts have made Mr Beast a viral figure in Canada, Australia, and the United States. He is a blessing to over 1000 people. Read this article to learn more about Mr Beast Blind Video.

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What Mr. Beast?

Mr Beast Blind video, Mr Beast, a popular Youtuber, has funded cataract surgery for 1000 people who couldn’t afford it. He also took responsibility for surgeries performed on people who became partially or completely blind from the cataract. Jimmy Donaldson is the real Mr Beast. His video announcing that he was treating thousands of patients reached 32 million views. This video was viral on Reddit, as well as other platforms.

Video of Mr Beast

Mr Beast Blind video, This video shows patients before and after surgery. Patients were able see clearly. The patients were also given cash and other gifts by Mr Beast. The video also displayed the reactions of patients. Jeff Levenson, a surgeon, was part of Donaldson’s team and performed the first round in Florida. Levenson managed a program called “Gift of Sight” for more than 20 years. This program provides free cataract surgery to uninsured patients.


Mr Beast Blind video, All social media platforms including Tiktok went viral with the video of Mr Beast. His initiative is also being admired by many. The video link was shared on all social media platforms. People are now more curious about the video. People are also admiring Jeff Levenson’s efforts. Levenson states that half of blind people only require 10 minutes of surgery. After his own cataract surgery, Levenson was inspired to help others with cataract surgery. This video was also viral on Instagram. Levenson stated that he had been able to see the beauty in this world since his cataract surgery. He was shocked that so many people couldn’t see.

How did Levenson help?

Levenson didn’t know about Mr Beast until he received a call from his team. He volunteered to help along with Donaldson. In a single day, Mr Levenson was able to perform 40 surgeries. Levenson began at 7 a.m., and finished at 6 p.m. He is also a popular YouTube video. Levenson said that patients couldn’t believe someone would offer to help them with blindness. Donaldson’s team was connected to SEE International by Levenson as the Chief Medical Officer. This non-profit organization provides free eye care worldwide to all those in need. In just three weeks, the organization was able to perform 1000 surgeries. The care was provided to patients from many countries. These patients come from Jamaica, Honduras and Namibia as well as Brazil, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil. The video link became viral also on Telegram .

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In Last

Donaldson and Levenson are appreciated for their dedication to such a worthy cause. They have done a tremendous job. They will inspire others to help the less fortunate. For more information, please visit the link.

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Mr Beast Blind video Friquently Asked Questions-

1: Real name of Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson.

2: Name of the surgeon?

Jeff Levenson.

3: How many surgeries have been done?


4: In how many days were surgeries performed?

Around three weeks.

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