Write For Us Iphone – Explore The Rules to Follow!

Write For Us Iphone – Explore The Rules to Follow!

Write For Us IPHONE provides guidelines for new writers to get familiar with our website and the types of posts that we publish on .

Are you able to keep up-to-date on the latest Apple technology, including iOS design and products? Let's say you're interested in creating a guide about iPhone-related apps and apple products such as smartwatches, iOS, MAC OS etc. Write for us IPHONE.

We are open to publishing blogs, informative articles and mythbusters on our website. Let's get to know you and what you can do to help us write.

Who's Aktivpress?

Aktivpress, a top online news provider website, provides authentic information through blogposts and articles. Our guide was helpful to many readers and helped them find the information they needed. We post news about health, technology, gaming tips and reviews of a variety of new products and websites.

Write for Us + IPHONE Blog if your writings provide a solution to a reader's question about Apple products and iPhones. It would be great if you could write to us.

We need someone to write for us

Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Plus will be launched this week. Our platform can be used to share related information such as why you should buy, what's new in comparison to the previous iPhone model and features, designs, upgrades, etc. Are you able to provide such information? You can contact us in such cases. Before you start, please review the following guidelines that our writers use when writing a post.

  • IPHONE Blog - "Write for Us" is for both experienced and novice writers.
  • We support talent and give you the opportunity to write for our company.
  • We are looking for developers, students, professionals with strong knowledge about iPhones.
  • We are looking for writers who can create high-quality content and help readers.
  • We welcome anyone who is familiar with Apple's devices and apps, including the specifications and functionality of iPhones, iPads, iWatches, MacOS and Apple devices.

Guidelines to Follow for Write For Us + IPHONE Blog:

  • iPhone-specific, original, and not copied-pasted, this is what you need.
  • It should be informative, well-written, and clearly explained to keep readers in the loop.
  • We can get straight to the point.
  • We strongly advise against copying as we don't encourage plagiarized content to be published in any of our posts.
  • Your post must be grammatically correct, and should not contain typos.
  • You can maintain a maximum of 8001100-words.
  • One or two links should be provided that are relevant to the discussion topic.
  • We need your fresh content for a Write for Us IPHONE Blog Guest post.
  • Once content is published on our site, you cannot publish it.
  • We reserve the right to modify, change or publish the post/image to maintain consistency with other posts.

How do I send the write for me sample post?

You are welcome to join our team of writers if you have the ability to answer our readers' questions via your writings. You can send your sample post to the email address teamaktivpress@gmail.com.

After we have reviewed your Sample and approved it, you'll receive a response from us. It can be sent as.docx and.html formats.

Why should you write for Aktivpress

We publish content often related to iPhones. If you are a professional writer, or have knowledge about iPhones, we can help you write for us.

  • Aktivpress  has a long history and is visited by people from all over the globe.
  • Our readers can help you get a boost in writing and make you a household name.
  • Your business may be exposed.
  • Write For Us IPHONE posts will help you get recognized as a writer.
  • Your work will be appreciated by others on different social media platforms.
  • Through writing and publishing content, you can establish trust with your customers.


Everyone has the opportunity to write for us. You can start by sending us drafts of your writeups, making sure to follow our guidelines. We hope that you've read our requirements and are familiar with who we really are before proceeding IPHONE.

Have more questions? Leave a comment below or send us an email. To learn more about the iPhone, visit the Apple Website.