Write for Us + Home and Garden Guest Post: Get More!

Write for Us + Home and Garden Guest Post: Get More!

Learn the complete and comprehensive tips In Write for Us + Home and Garden Guest Post before you begin to create your own guest blog.

Guest blogging is a booming writing option where a variety of content writers are gaining spotlight and are eager to gain knowledge. Since guest blogging offers some additional exciting benefits, pursuing this area is an aspiration of many.

If you're willing to create your Write for Us + Home and Garden Guest Post It's great news, however, you should be very careful and take note of our writing guidelines and rules truthfully. Therefore, as soon as possible we should begin learning about our website and provide details below for further clarification.

About aktivpress.com

The site is dedicated to keeping the world informed with the latest developments. The site keeps the world informed through Writing for us plus the Home and garden guest blog posts and top-quality write-ups posted by writers from all over the world. If you'd like be part of the writers' group on aktivpress.com is a good idea, you're welcome. However, prior to sharing your writings on the site you must go through the guidelines.

People who want to write about this opportunity must have a strong grasp of compressive knowledge and writing abilities. They should structure their articles on the most popular topics and be helpful to people who read it. Writers should have a good understanding of different styles and techniques for gardening and home decor to organize useful and informative information. The guest article should be simple to comprehend written by the self, as well as thorough in its research.

Write to Us Home and Garden Guest Post article guidelines.

  • Limit of words: 500 - 1500 words
  • The home is where we can find the maximum level of relaxation, comfort and peace The garden and home should give the comfort we require. To achieve this, try thinking of your viewers as your most beloved ones.
  • In the garden and home subject, Home and Garden Write for Uswriters need to consider ways to improve their appearance, how to maintain it, and so on. Avoid bringing this topic up in a way that is too technical.
  • Writers must craft a compelling introduction that gives the impression that viewers should read the complete article. 90to 110 words suffice.
  • The major section of "Write for Us" + Home and Garden article must be separated into several sections.
  • The content should be completely written in English Do not include another language. If you wish to include additional terms you must give the appropriate translation.
  • The text should be written with perfect and precise Tenses. Avoid using so much passive voice in sentences.
  • The Garden and Home "Write for Us" articles should be transformed into SEO-optimised articles. Writers must be educated about the fundamentals of SEO, that they can incorporate into their writing.
  • We're not expecting technically, but the writers have to do these four things for us.
  • In the beginning, as a result of the addition of keywords targeted for every gardening and Home "Write for Us"topic keywords will be accessible online. The authors should pick the most relevant ones for their content.
  • In addition to the required internal hyperlinks, writers may select articles from our website to include as internal links. External hyperlinks should come from any outside source, but must be linked with our Writing for Us+Home as well as Garden topic.
  • Thirdly, this method is quite simple: correctly utilize the titles tags, H1 as well as H2 tags.
  • Also be sure to limit the spam score for the post to an amount of 6-7.

The benefits to Garden and Home and We Write Writers

  • Our community includes a variety of professionals, who also work working in the field of content writing, so that guest writers can get an opportunity to shine from the "Write for Us" and "Home and Garden"readers.
  • Our forum has been preparing to expand its reach through social media. This will result in an additional benefit for writers since the reach of the article is also increased.

What format should you use to submit the "Write For Us"+Home and Garden entries?

If the article with all the details and guidelines is completed by you, it's time to submit the post to us. Make a doc file and send us via email at our email id (teamaktivpress@gmail.com). When your writing is accepted by our team members, they will definitely reach out to you prior to publishing your piece.


In the end, we will end our guidelines to our web site aktivpress.com. Write for Us and Home and Garden Guest Post provides great opportunity for young and skilled writer, and also, our readers who want to learn more about amazing content on their the home and gardens will receive plenty of information. Additionally, writers must follow the guidelines to write an error-free article.