5 Top Blockchain Certifications to Get You Started in the Blockchain Industry in 2023

5 Top Blockchain Certifications to Get You Started in the Blockchain Industry in 2023

Blockchain certification courses are the most in-demand resources for aspiring professionals. Find the top blockchain certifications you must pursue in 2023.

Blockchain has turned the tide of technological innovation in recent times with prolific improvements in value advantages of technology. The decentralized ledger technology has enabled secure and transparent exchange of information as well as financial transactions. On top of it, many organizations worldwide are reinventing their business models to adopt blockchain technology. 

Reliable blockchain certification could help you capitalize on the potential of the thriving blockchain job market. If you want to become a blockchain professional, certifications can serve as crucial tools for career development. However, you need to pick credible certification programs which can ensure that you get promising recognition in the blockchain industry. The following post helps you uncover key information about five blockchain certifications you should pursue to start working in the blockchain industry in 2023. 


How Can You Find Reliable Blockchain Certifications?

One important question in your mind right now should be about the selection of a platform for blockchain certification. You can come across many platforms claiming to provide top blockchain certifications all over the internet. However, you can differentiate a reliable blockchain training and certification provider based on the quality of their training resources. Apart from this, you can also check various other factors like skills and concepts covered in the certifications.

Top Blockchain Certifications For You In 2023

101Blockchain is one of the pioneers of blockchain training and certification, with an assortment of promising certifications for every aspiring professional. Here are some of the best certification programs that you should pursue in 2023.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional As the pace of blockchain adoption increases across various industries, the demand for certified blockchain experts will become inevitable. Organizations will need blockchain professionals to guide them through the complex mazes of blockchain technology and its use cases. CEBP is one of the best blockchain certifications to prepare you for the role of a blockchain professional capable of defining the ideal solutions required for blockchain transformation. The certification training course covers the fundamental concepts of blockchain as well as the fundamentals of blockchain platforms used by businesses.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The growth of the blockchain ecosystem clearly indicates that the number of applications is increasing. You can pursue a career in blockchain in the role of a blockchain architect or developer with the CEBA certification. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification focuses on modeling blockchain platforms for specific use cases. One of the striking aspects of the CEBA certification training course refers to the skills for developing technical specifications and design of blockchain solutions.

Certified Blockchain Security Specialist

The domain of blockchain is not impervious to security risks, leading to a demand for security experts in the field. One of the reliable blockchain certification courses to develop your credentials as a blockchain security professional would be the Certified Blockchain Security Specialist certification. The best highlight of the CBSE certification is the emphasis on the assessment of security threats at multiple levels of blockchain solutions. Furthermore, the CBSE credential is an effective addition to the professional portfolio of a blockchain developer.

Certified NFT Professional

The year 2023 will also see many new innovative developments in the field of non-fungible tokens. NFTs have emerged as revolutionary digital assets capable of redefining the use of blockchain. The Certified NFT Professional certification is different from any regular blockchain certification with an emphasis on the new asset class. The CNFTP certification training course not only helps you learn about the basics of NFTs, their origin and the technology behind them but also explains how to create NFT collections.

Certified Metaverse Professional

Certified Metaverse Professional or CMP certification is another certified entry among the top blockchain certifications that you should pursue in 2023. The Metaverse is the next big application of blockchain and possibly the vanguard for immersive Web3 experiences of the future. The CMP certification helps you gain expertise in the fundamentals of the metaverse, as well as the techniques that create the metaverse. Furthermore, the certification training course also covers details about the interconnection between the Metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain.

You can also find another professional certification, i.e. Certified Web3 Professional, which will become more relevant in 2023.

Final Words 

The best blockchain certifications offered by 101 Blockchain can help you break into the industry in 2023. Each certification emphasizes different topics and use cases of blockchain while preparing you for professional roles. Plus, you can find certifications on innovative topics like NFTs and the Metaverse. Learn more about certifications and their content before taking the first step towards your blockchain career.