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Miss pacman Portal zacarias guatemala, until puncturing shouts ended the quiet and reverberated across the mountains.

A young lady named Alejandra had her face destroyed by cleaver blows from her own significant other, Mario, dazed by nonsensical desire.

The instance of Mrs. Pacman turns into a web sensation on the web

The Miss pacman Portal zacarias guatemala, otherwise called Mrs. Pacman, acquired global consideration in 2018. Stunning pictures recordings of the wrongdoing actually circle on the web today, four years after Alejandra’s passing.

The epithet Mrs. Pacman came to fruition because of the manner by which the young lady had her face destroyed with a cleaver by her own significant other, suggestive of the game from the 80s. Behind the name is the tale of a lady survivor of the chauvinist viciousness that plagues Latin America .

On October 29, 2018, Miss pacman Portal zacarias guatemala because of her accomplice’s undesirable desire. The feminicide happened in the little rustic town where the couple resided, making help troublesome.

Profile of Alejandra Ico Chub, Mrs. Pacman

Alejandra Ico Chub, otherwise called “Mrs. Pacman”, was a youthful Guatemalan lady who had her life severely removed by her better half’s unrestrained desire. Brought into the world in the little town of La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Miss pacman Portal zacarias guatemala, Alejandra carried on with a basic and tranquil life until the critical day of October 29, 2018.

Little is had some significant awareness of her experience growing up and youth, yet pictures of her flowing via online entertainment after the wrongdoing show a wonderful, grinning young lady, giving off an impression of being in her mid 20s. In one of the photographs, she shows up close to a kid, presumably a child. Another picture shows Alejandra in a country climate, wearing a long, vivid skirt ordinary of the district. Her sweet and tranquil look reflects the honesty removed by the ruthlessness of her desirous spouse.

The severe wrongdoing against Mrs. Pacman

The wrongdoing that ended Alejandra’s life happened on the evening of October 29, 2018, in the little provincial town of La Isla del Norte, in San Miguel, Guatemala. The culprit of the brutal homicide was Mario Tut Ical, the casualty’s significant other, spurred by an outrageous episode of envy.

Outfitted with a cleaver, Mario struck Alejandra in the face, mercilessly deforming her. The young lady’s sobs for help were heard by neighbors, who immediately hurried to the house. Notwithstanding, the detachment of the property in the provincial region postponed crisis help.

At the point when they at long last shown up at the home, Alejandra was at that point dead at the location of the crime, with her face destroyed. The scene was portrayed by observers as something that verged on the dreamlike, such was the savagery utilized against the vulnerable lady.


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