Melissa Huckaby: Melissa Huckaby Daughter, Melissa Huckaby Now Details

Melissa Huckaby: Melissa Huckaby Daughter, Melissa Huckaby Now Details

This article provide you the details about Mellisa Huckaby.  She is from Tracy, California. Melissa Huckaby was a bipolar Sunday school teacher who raped (via rolling pin) and murdered 8 year old Sandra Cantu in 2009.

Melissa's grandfather was a Baptist minister. By 2009, Melissa was a single mother to Madison Huckaby, whom she taught Sunday school.

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Pathologist's Report

According to the pathologist's report, Sandra Cantu had been strangled with a torn piece of cloth that had been knotted into "a noose." The cause of death was determined to be "homicidal asphyxiation." Some of Sandra's injuries were also consistent with a silver rolling pin with a bent handle and bloody smudge found inside the church. The pathology report revealed that the smudge on the rolling pin matched Sandra's blood. The report also showed she was sexually assaulted with the object.

Mellisa Huckaby

Melissa Huckaby was charged with the murder of Sandra Cantu. See no Evil: Someone You Can Trust" is an Investigation Discovery documentary that tells the story about Sandra Cantu's murder in Tracy, California.

Sandra's body was discovered in a nearby pond, completing the missing person investigation.

The investigation is followed by the use of CCTV footage to identify the perpetrator.

Sandra Cantu: What happened?

Sandra's stepmother and father joined her family in their search for her. They had hoped to reunite soon with Sandra, but were confronted with their worst nightmares weeks later when Sandra's body was discovered in a nearby cotton field.

The hate crime committed against Latin Americans such as Sandra was soon exposed.

Despite their separation for many years, their love for one another was not diminished. He was still devoted to his daughter and felt empty because of this injustice.

Sandra, eight years old, lost her dream of being an artist.

Sandra, nine years old, disappeared mysteriously. Her family was filled with fear and hope that Sandra would be found alive soon.

Unfortunately, Sandra was not found. Sandra's search ended in vain for several days until an irrigation pond near her family home revealed the sad truth.

The authorities found Sandra's body dead at the bottom of the pond when they opened the suitcase. There were signs of trauma and distress that suggested abuse, asphyxiation and, ultimately, murder.

Sandra was clearly awakened from her sleep and taken away from her family members to be subject to such cruelty. Despite extensive police investigations, no perpetrator has yet been identified.

Who killed Sandra Cantu?

Sandra Cantu, 8 years old, was murdered in Tracy, California. Police initially had difficulty finding leads from Sandra's suitcase and the irrigation pond that contained her body.

The victim's family didn't have any known enemies, so it was not clear why they would be targeted.

The police discovered that the Cantu family had placed a camera on their front porch just before the murder.

Officers reviewed hours of footage from the camera and found that Sandra was not in the frame. They did not provide any clues about her fate.

Maria, Sandra's mom, told police that Melissa Huckaby (a Sunday school teacher in the area) had text her the day Sandra disappeared claiming that something was missing.

Melissa Huckaby, who was at Sandra's funeral, approached police and said that she found a note stating that Sandra's body had been in a suitcase. The note stated that the suitcase had been dumped near Bacchetti Road.

Although the note appeared suspicious, police weren't sure why Huckaby received it. The police soon discovered more information when they searched the area surrounding the irrigation pond.

Witness approached police to report seeing a purple SUV close to the pond the day Sandra disappeared.

Witness also saw a woman running out of the woods near her, and claimed that she needed to stop her car for pee.

Melissa Huckaby was identified by the CCTV footage taken from Cantu’s front porch.

Melissa Huckaby was identified by the witness from the footage. Huckaby was quickly arrested by the police and charged with murder.

Where is Melissa Huckaby now?

Melissa Huckaby's case captured the attention of many, particularly after she decided to abruptly accept a plea bargain halfway through the proceedings.

She pleaded guilty and was released from the two murder and kidnapping charges.

However, the judge was not kind to Melissa's actions and sentenced her life imprisonment without parole at Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

Although Melissa seemed to want to admit to her mistakes, it was too late. Justice had already been served at a high price.

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