Killaboi Killed Girlfriend: Really look at Subtleties On Killaboi Admits To Killing His Better half

Killaboi Killed Girlfriend: Really look at Subtleties On Killaboi Admits To Killing His Better half

This article uncovered Killaboi Killed Girlfriend and more about Killaboi's post and his capture.

Who is Killaboi? What has been going on with Killaboi? Killaboi, the Nigerian punter, has streaked a significant unsettling influence online after he responsively concedes to killing his better half. The Virtual entertainment post uncovered reality in the US and different nations. Peruse the Killaboi Killed Girlfriend article for more point by point data about her demise.

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Killaboi Sweetheart's Reason for Death

According to sources, Killaboi, a VIP punter, has admitted to puncturing his better half, Augusta Osedion, to death. Killaboi, A Nigerian punter, has recognized his sweetheart to downfall over a fight. News reports say that the Killaboi are known as Killaverse. He killed his sweetheart, Augusta Osedion, and it is distinguished via web-based entertainment.

According to sources, Killaboi was captured following two years for his web trick by the EFCC - Monetary and Monetary Violations Commission. Nigerian regulation execution organization that looks at monetary wrongdoings. It incorporates settlement ahead of time extortion and money laundering.

Killaboi Admits To Killing His Sweetheart

Via web-based entertainment, news stages perceive that Killaboi's better half Augusta was supposedly absent for a couple of days. It was affirmed when Augusta's mom visited her home in Oral Bequest. Augusta lived in Oral Domain, Lagos state's Ikota region at, Nigeria's business city.

The substance in this article is for the peruser's useful reason as it were. We advance no unlawful substance or connections.

Killaboi, Augusta's beau, the Nigerian Punter, has admitted to penetrating her to death over a contention. Keep perusing to find out about Killaboi Killed Girlfriend.

Nigerian punter Capture

EFCC captured the Nigerian punter, Killaboi following, two years for web extortion. He made a horrendous divulgence via web-based entertainment and confessed to the killing of his better half.

The con artist who communicated lament about the corruption of his life at 26. He posted a progression of Instastory and made a horrendous disclosure that he erroneously killed his sweetheart in a warmed contention. Notwithstanding, Killaboi recognized that he flew out of pain subsequent to killing her better half. In Killaboi's posts, the Instagram kid genuinely vowed to have to deal with the damages for his activities.

Killaboi Killed Sweetheart case subtleties

Killobai persistently posted on Instagram that he uncovered, and he flew out of dread in the wake of vowing the awful demonstration of killing Augusta, his darling. In his astounding revelation, Killaboi uncovered that he erroneously wounded Augusta, his better half, during a contention between the two.

He likewise posted on Instagram a genuine guarantee to have to deal with the damages for his activities. Not entirely set in stone to affirm that his better half gets nobility. What's more, can't live with the at fault for his activity.


We concludeon article Killaboi Killed Sweetheart. Killaboi, the famous Nigerian punter, has been captured for killing his sweetheart following two years by EFCC. Click the connection for more insight regarding the Nigerian punter Capture and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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Killaboi Killed Sweetheart: FAQs

Q1. Who is Killaboi?

Nigerian punter

Q2. Who is Killaboi's better half?

Augusta Osedion

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