just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023 (Watch Video)

just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023 (Watch Video)

just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023, discussions and show create sees.

This time, allegations of treachery against Juan came from the strange "just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023" Twitter account. A spilled video purportedly shows Juan undermining Kimberly in a lodging.

just_famousd1ck: Twitter, "jd pantoja infidelidad 2023"

Juan de Dios Pantoja, otherwise called "JD Pantoja", is a well known Mexican YouTuber, force to be reckoned with and vocalist who has ended up entangled in contention over allegations of unfaithfulness. He rose to acclaim on YouTube close by his accomplice, artist and powerhouse Kimberly Loaiza. Two or three has two youngsters together - Kima and Juanito.

History of conspiracy allegations against "Juan de Dios Pantoja"

This isn't the initial occasion when "just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023" has confronted allegations of undermining Kimberly Loaiza. Back in 2020, gossipy tidbits about disloyalty likewise surfaced, which "Juan de Dios" at first denied. Notwithstanding, spilled recordings appearing "Juan de Dios Pantoja" evidently with different ladies have made the charges harder to question.

At that point, Kimberly responded by declaring their split via virtual entertainment. This caused critical debate among fans and individual powerhouses. In any case, a couple of months after the fact, Kimberly uncovered that she and "Juan de Dios Pantoja" had accommodated. They moved past the swindling outrage and proceeded with their relationship.

New claims arise in October 2023

The most recent round of duping allegations against "Juan de Dios Pantoja" started coursing in October 2023. A video was spilled on Twitter from the record "just_famousd1ck Twitter, : “jd pantoja infidelidad 2023", supposedly appearing "Juan de Dios Pantoja" dozing in a lodging with a lady that it wasn't Kimberly.

In the released pictures, a man looking like "Juan de Dios Pantoja" gives off an impression of being snoozing bed, while a unidentified lady films him. The tattoos on the man's body seem to match those of "Juan de Dios", energizing hypothesis that it is as a matter of fact him in the video.

Kimberly herself responded enigmatically to the spilled video on Twitter, posting via virtual entertainment: "It's not outrage, it's failure and that is more regrettable." This appeared to give assurance to the swindling charges against his accomplice "Juan de Dios Pantoja".

The lady in the video's variant of occasions

Soon after the video was released, the lady shot with "Juan de Dios Pantoja" in the lodging had her online entertainment accounts erased because of mass announcing. Before her records were eliminated, she seemed to address the discussion in a short post.

In her proclamation, the lady affirmed that she, as well, was deluded and didn't have any desire to give further subtleties until she felt sincerely ready. She said she would share her full side of the story when she was prepared to do as such.