Jueza Vivian Polania Video: Spilled on Twitter, Reddit, Message, Instagram

The occasion of Jueza Vivian Polania Video in Cúcuta has created vast interest and conflict in Colombia and past its limits.

This episode has obtained importance on casual associations and the media, and has begun a significant conversation about the lead of public specialists, the general visibility of value and cutoff points between the private and open fields.

Announcement from the lawful trained professionals

In light of the humiliation achieved by Jueza Vivian Polania Video, the organization of the Sectional Board of trustees of the Lawful leader of Norte de Santander and Arauca gave a power decree. In this correspondence, a couple of viewpoints associated with the usage of public spaces of the Francisco de Paula Santander Regal home of Value, where the episode happened, were tended to.

A specific schedule was spread out for the usage of the typical locale of the headquarters, confining it to work days from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Likewise, it was focused on that these spaces should be used exclusively by specialists and servers who will finish their lunch or breakfast shift, if essential. Anything other event that wished to occur in these spaces should be as of late passed on to the sectional organization.

The affirmation moreover reminded the servers and specialists consigned to the Cúcuta part of the meaning of staying aware of extraordinary practices that guarantee the best plan of the value association organization. These rules and updates reflected the experts’ uneasiness to save the uprightness of the public spaces of the Imperial home of Value and advance a good environment for the introduction of legitimate capacities.

Examination of article 154 and its dissents

Article 154 of the internal rules of the Legitimate Branch spreads out a movement of prohibitions and restrictions that ought to be seen by specialists and laborers of the value structure. This article is fundamental in the assessment of the direct of lawful experts in conditions like that of Judge Vivian Polania Video.

One of the basic restrictions of this article is the requirement on doing practices outside the action of their commitments during the work day. This limit is wanted to ensure that specialists are totally participated in their work liabilities and make an effort not to partake in practices that could possess or mull over execution.

Also, Article 154 underlines the meaning of staying aware of the admiration of the association of value. This suggests that legitimate specialists and delegates ought to stay aware of lead that earnestly reflects the image of value and delivers trust in everyday society. Practices that could undermine public confidence in the association of value or sabotage their balance are unequivocally blocked.

Neighborhood and concerns

The dissipating of the Named power Jueza Vivian Polania Video on Instagram has significant solid areas for created from various areas of Colombian culture. Many fight that the participation of an adjudicator in a confidential showcase in a public spot, for instance, the Palace of Value impacts the pride of value and undermines public confidence in the lawful system. This wisdom relies upon the likelihood that legitimate specialists ought to stay aware of restrictive necessities of lead and respect to save the decency of value.


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