Jordhy Thompson Video: Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Finds Links Here!

Jordhy Thompson Video: Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Finds Links Here!

Colo Colo player Jordhy Thompson Video spread like wildfire on various social media platforms.

Did you know about Colo Colo? Are you familiar with Jordhy Thomson? Jordhy Thomson is a Colo Colo player. His video has gone viral on social media. People in Worldwide continue to search for the Jordhy Thomson Video, to see what Jordhy did.

You may also be unaware of the viral video. Please read the whole article to learn more. Let's get started.


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What is the viral video of Jordhy Thomson?

This video was taken at a nightclub. Jordhy Thompson's viral video shows Jordhy approaching a girl at a nightclub. Jordhy Thompson confronted the girl and punched in her face. Reddit 's viral video has two recorded videos.

Jordhy Thompson punched Jordhy Thompson in the face in the first video. Jordhy Thomson attacked the girl from behind in the second video.

Is Jordhy Thomson active on Instagram?

Yes, Jordhy is on Instagram. His viral video was shared on social media and his followers began searching for Jordhy Thomson Instagram account. They wanted to check if he had posted any information about the viral video.

After checking his Instagram account we discovered that Jordhy's account was private. You can't view his posts if you don't follow him or he refuses to accept your request. You can view a short clip of Jordhy Thompson sexing the woman at the nightclub via Twitter.

Who is Jordhy Thompson's girl in the viral video?

The identity of the girl in this video is not known. Some believe it was just a random girl at the nightclub. Some people also believe that the girl was Jordhy's partner. We are unable to confirm which information is correct at this time.

Was the video viral on Telegram ?

You can also find short clips on Telegram of the viral. The video was not only shared on Telegram, but also on Reddit and Twitter. For short clips of Jordhy's viral video, we recommend you visit our "Social Media Sites Links” section.

How did Jordhy's followers and fans react to Jordhy Thompson?

Many of Jordhy's followers and fans cursed him for having hit a woman. Many people created Tiktok videos that revealed the real Jordhy Thomson. This viral video caused a loss of many fans and followers for Jordhy Thomson.

Social Media Sites Links

Wrapping up:

Jordhy Thompson assumed at first that the video was posted by his ex-partner on Reddit and Twitter, Telegram and Youtube. Jordhy Thompson's ex-partner has recently stated that the video was not posted on the internet. Click here to view Jordhy Thompson’s action.

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Below are some frequently asked questions about Jordhy Thompson Video:

  1. Was Jordhy Thompson involved in hitting a woman?
  • Answer: Yes, he was.
  1. Did Jordhy Thompson's former partner upload the video?
  • Answer: No, they did not.
  1. What is Jordhy Thompson's full name?
  • Answer: His full name is Jordhy Eduardo Thompson Dávila.
  1. How old is Jordhy Thompson and when was he born?
  • Answer: Jordhy Thompson is 18 years old and was born on August 10th, 2004.
  1. Does Jordhy Thompson play as a winger for Colo Colo?
  • Answer: Yes, he does.
  1. How many followers does Jordhy Thompson have on Instagram?
  • Answer: He has 135k followers.
  1. What is Jordhy Thompson's zodiac sign?
  • Answer: His zodiac sign is Leo.

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