Jetblue plane fire JFK airport

Jetblue plane fire JFK airport. Over 160 people on an JetBlue plane were removed from their seats in the New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport following a fire that was discovered on the plane on Saturday.

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The New York City Fire Department announced in a press release that it was notified of an aircraft fire that caused slight injuries to 5 persons. The department said that 167 people were removed from the plane by an elevator as well as Emergency Medical Services was treating the wounded.

The explanations of the incident were varied slightly by the agency that was involved.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in a press release that it noticed smoke emanating from a cellphone charger following Flight 662 landed safely at approximately 8.40 p.m. at night, local time. The FAA has said that it will conduct an investigation into the incident.

JetBlue announced in a statement that the flight left in Bridgetown, Bahamas and landed at JFK after a short time, was rerouted after the landing. JetBlue stated that it received reports that a passenger’s electronic device malfunctioning or battery not working.

“Safety is always our number one priority, and we are investigating this incident in coordination with the FAA and [National Transportation Safety Board],” it stated.

The New York bound JetBlue flight that was originating from Barbados was hit to the dramatic temperature drop on Saturday night -in the event that the plane was forced be evacuated from JFK International Airport due to an “smoking laptop.”

The plane was about to roll through Terminal 5 when an airline worker noticed the computer had overheated and contacted according to the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Jetblue Plane Fire

The 133 passengers quickly removed from the planeand some chose evacuation chutes in case of emergency, according to the Port Authority of New York informed The Post.

Sixty-seven of the passengers were able to escape on the slide after a number of guests opened the emergency doors the PANY spokesperson told. The rest of the passengers exited via the jet bridge near Gate 29. Jetblue plane fire

A person on the first row claimed that Captain “came flying out of the cabin” as firefighters discovered the fire.

“He pulled out an extinguisher to put out the fire and was acting like the character of O. J. Simpson on the seats and the passengers. The man was remarkable and put out the flame. The zoo was complete,” Sean Weed said to CBS.

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