{Update}Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers: Cause of Death? Funeral Details Updated? Details Here!2023

{Update}Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers: Cause of Death? Funeral Details Updated? Details Here!2023

Jay Briscoe, who was twenty-eight years old, lost his life. Here are all the details about the Jay Briscoe funeral wrestlers.

Are you a fan of watching wrestling matches? Are you familiar with Jay Briscoe? Jay Briscoe, a famous professional wrestler from the United States lost his battle with cancer. Jay Briscoe's tragic death left his fans stunned.

His followers searched tirelessly for Jay Briscoe funeral wrestlers and the cause of his death. You can read the whole article if you are one of them.

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Jay Briscoe's Causes of Death

Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers, Jay Briscoe, 38, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday 17 January 2023. Jay Briscoe, 38, was driving in Laurel, Delaware when another car suddenly came and collided with his car.

Jay Briscoe, along with the driver Lillyanne Ternahan (27 year old), both died instantly. The Jay Briscoe death was confirmed by the Delaware State Police.

Jay Briscoe's Obituary & Funeral

Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers, Jay Briscoe's funeral took place in Laurel on Sunday 29th January. Jay Briscoe's funeral was attended by more than 1,400 people. WWE paid its final tribute to Jay Briscoe.

Thousands joined the live stream on the YouTube channel of Laurel School District to watch their favorite Jay Briscoe Wrestler.

Jay Briscoe's Family

Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers, Jay Briscoe was Mike "Papa", Briscoe's oldest son. Jana Pugh was Jay Briscoe's youngest child. Jay Briscoe was father to three children. Jay Briscoe had his two daughters, Jayleigh, 9-year old, and Gracie, 12, with him on the day of the accident.

The girls survived, thankfully. Jay Briscoe's Death Cause is still a nightmare for his loved ones and family.

Jay Briscoe was married

Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers, Jay Briscoe was married to Ashley Pugh in 2008 They have three children together. Ashley Pugh requested prayers for their three daughters, who were killed in the accident. For the most recent updates, please visit our "Social Media Sites Links” section.

Jay Briscoe Wiki

Full Name Jamin Dale Puugh
Name Jay Briscoe
Date Of Birth 25th January 1984
Age 2023 38 years
Death Date 17th January 2023
Birthplace Salisbury, Maryland, U.S.
Profession Wrestler
Marital Status Married
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Jay Briscoe's Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion

Jay Briscoe Funeral Wrestlers, His fans are curious to learn more about Jay Briscoe after learning about the Jay Briscoe Death. Jay Briscoe was an American white national. He believed in Christianity.

Jay Briscoe's Education

Both brothers Pugh attended a local highschool. Both brothers signed up to play football at Wesley College in Delaware.

Jay Briscoe's Birthday

Jay Briscoe would have celebrated his 39th birthday in 1984, if he were still alive.

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In Last

We pray for Jay Briscoe to rest in peace. This is a terrible loss for the wrestling business. Here is a link to the Jay Briscoe Funeral video. We hope that you will also be able to see the final glimpse of Jay Briscoe’s funeral.

Jay Briscoe is also a favorite of yours. Comment.

Jay Briscoe Funeral Waistlers FAQs:

Q.1 Briscoe’s cause of death?

Ans. Car crash. 

Q.2 Briscoe die on the spot?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 Briscoe have any siblings?

Ans. Yes.

Q.4 Brisco’s sibling?

Ans. Mark Briscoe.

Q.5 The names of Jay’s children?

Ans. Gannoh, Jayleigh, and Gracie.

Q.6 Jay Briscoe debut?

Ans. 20th May 2000.

Q.7 Jay Briscoe’s net worth?

Ans. $5 million.

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