Issa and James Reid: Discover the Identities of Pressman’s Sister and Boyfriend, and Learn About the Aftermath of Nadine Lustre’s Comment by Exploring the Facts in This Article.

This article contains information about Issa and James Reid photo. It also tells readers about their relationship status.

Want to find out if James Reid and IssaPressman are actually dating? A photo of James Reid and IssaPressman went viral on the internet recently. The photo is being shared by Philippines users, CanadaAustraliaUnited States.

You can read the entire article to learn more about the Issa and James Reid relationship, and the facts behind this viral photo.


Why are Issa & James pictures trending on the internet.

A picture of James Reid and IssaPressman has been trending on the internet because they are holding hands. Because they were both seen together at Harry Style’s concert, many users thought they were in a relationship.

James Reid, Nadine Lustre

Everyone is now looking for comments from Nadine Lustre after the popular photo of James Reid with Issa. Nadie Lustre, the ex-girlfriend, is believed to have been the third party in James Reid’s and Issa’s relationship.

Issa replied in 2020 to statements about the dissolution of Lustre, James Reid. Yassi Pressman defended her sibling by stating that Issa had no connection to the Lustre-James breakup.

James Reid is a dating partner?

Lustre and James are no longer a thing, as Lustre confirmed this news via her social media platforms. Although it appears that James Reid is the new Issa Pressman Boyfriend the official news has yet to come.

The situation is confusing for everyone as nobody knows if they are actually dating. Some users believe it’s a publicity stunt to increase their popularity. James and Issa were spotted together at a concert. They posted the photo on Instagram and then uploaded another one while holding hands.

James Reid is who?

James Reid is an actor, singer, songwriter and record label executive from the Philippines. After announcing her engagement to Nadine Lustre, Reid is in the spotlight. The couple split and James and Issa become a thing.

Sister Issa Yassi Pressman defended her sibling from the netizens by claiming that Issa was not responsible for Nadine and James’ breakup.

Did James cheat with Nadine?

The internet doesn’t have any official information that James may have cheated with Nadine and Issa. James and Nadine split years ago. If you look at their Instagram posts, it looks like Jamie and Issa may be close.

The netizens have a different opinion about the trio, comparing them to Justin Bieber, Selena Gomes and Hailer Bieber. They have not confirmed that Issa or James Reid are correct.

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Last Verdict

Although the photo is trending online, no official comments were made by any of them. For more information, click here

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If you have questions about Issa and James Reid, we have some answers for you:

  1. Who is Issa Pressman?

Issa Pressman is the sister of the popular British-Filipino model, Yassi Pressman.

  1. Where did the viral photo of James and Issa come from?

The photo circulated on Instagram after both James and Issa posted it at the same time.

  1. When did James and Nadine break up?

James and Nadine ended their relationship in January 2020.

  1. Are James and Issa in a relationship?

There is no official news about James and Issa being in a relationship.

  1. What is James’s net worth?

According to sources, James Reid’s net worth is around $105 million.


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