Island Boy Head Video: Dom Lucre Island Boys Twitter video leaves internet scandalized, Reddit

Island Boy Head Video: Dom Lucre Island Boys Twitter video leaves internet scandalized, Reddit

Web characters, the Little Island Boy Head Video. The twin family rappers actually moved an inappropriate video of them together.

This left netizens astounded and besides considering their se*uality. Noting the catch which has taken command over Twitter, one netizen created on the web:

Trigger Caution: This article contains disturbing substance. Peruser's wariness is empowered.

Twitter client Dom Lucre took to the casual correspondence site on August 7 to post a video of the Island Boy Head Video. He tweeted: In the video which was associated with the tweet, what is apparently Flyysoulja was seen taking a mirror selfie while his kin was crotched right under him. Fortunately, the video integrated a colossal control which upset sections of the nearby exhibit.

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This isn't the point at which the singers first have participated in quite a while. Previously, the two locked their lips on an enrollment based account. Watching out for the kiss, the pair said on the NoJumper advanced recording: The latest video has amassed multi-million viewpoints across virtual amusement stages. Many were left scandalized.

Netizens answer the viral Islanders video

Web clients were resentful about the viral video. Many found it peculiar and conveyed scorn. Several reactions to a comparative read: The video got conveyed electronic days after Flyysoulja stood apart as genuinely newsworthy for uncovering himself before Adin Ross on the last choice's Kick stream. The livestream in like manner consolidated the twins inviting Ross with a racial slur, provoking the two social occasions getting into a fight on the web. At one point, Flyysoulja pulled his jeans down and said that he would "f**k the s**t" out of Ross. Answering something almost identical, Ross said:

For those unversed, the Little islanders turned into a web sensation online after they conveyed their tune Island Boy Head Video. The two were brought into the world on July 16, 2001. Ensuing to social occasion huge traction on the web, they presently boast an all out resources of 2,000,000 bucks. It seems like the family generally acquire cash through their virtual amusement activity, enrollment stages and music. Both Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja boast 1.5 million lovers on their different Instagram accounts.

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