10 Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy

10 Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy

10 Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy. Experts explain how small steps can help you stay on track to meet your diet and exercise goals.Are you having a hard time exercising and eating a nutritious diet? Perhaps you were in a high-energy state for a couple of weeks, but the motivation to get in shape quickly diminished and you reverted back to the old, unhealthy lifestyle.Instead of making massive changes with the all-or-nothing method of losing weight and achieving healthy living, you decide to take on a couple of simple changes one at a time? Research shows that the best health and weight loss practices with the highest likelihood of lasting are ones that require minor change that is achievable.

According to Penny Kris Etherton, PhD an assistant nutritional Professor of nutrition at Penn State University, the most important thing is to take small positive steps, and keep moving forward with consistency. "People must be aware of the results they are able to make."

Check out the following ten inspirational strategies to help you make small, positive moves every day.


1. Feel Good About Yourself Today

It is important that those who surround you inspire you to feel great about yourself regardless of how big or your health situation. If your family members encourage you to smoke, eat too much or drink excessively make new acquaintances who are following healthy lifestyles and are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.
Elaine Magee, MPH, Rd, the author over 20 titles, advises not to get caught up in the weight or size of dress you're wearing.
"Instead concentrate on being fit from the inside," Magee says. "Eat healthy, and workout often. Remember that you are able to be beautiful and look gorgeous in addition to not be skinny."

2. Rethink Your Role Model

Barbie's still the female role model that many girls are attracted by. However, let's face it. If we want to appear like Barbie we'd need to be 6-foot tall. reduce the waist to just 8 inches. Then and then bring the extra inches to our chests, then do the "suck into the stomach/high heel" posture all the time. Seriously! There's a better method to live our lives, rather than pretending. Select positive role models. Find role models who make you feel comfortable about yourself, rather than ones that make you feel uneasy. Find an example of a woman who is healthy, strong -- and genuine!

3. Know What Makes You Overeat

The most important thing to stay focused is to identify what your areas of concern are and develop a strategy to address the issues. Do you use food as a way to deal with rejection, sadness or boredom? your own personal achievement? Find ways to manage mood swings that don't require food. Additionally, you should control your surroundings to avoid a binge on high-calorie food items when you feel depressed, dissatisfied, rejected or even bored. Keep your kitchen well-stocked with a variety of healthy options including chunks of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy drinks, yogurts that are flavored and gum that is sugar-free.

4. Make Simple Daily Change

Who said lifestyle changes to improve health have to be everything or nothing? Start small and try small modifications to your weight and exercise every day. Small changes like these can accumulate over time to bring you a major health boost. Here are some ideas:
  • Add five more grams of fibre to your daily diet program.
  • Remove refined carbs like white breads, white rice and sweets
  • Do not eat foods with trans-fats.
  • Include two additional servings of vegetables for lunch and dinner.
  • Drink 3 more glasses of water a day
  • Include 10 minutes of walk to your exercise routine on a daily basis
  • Pause each hour during your work hours and take 500 steps to walk around (2,000 steps can burn 100 calories)
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier, and walk before going to work

5. Find a Cheering Section

We all need a supportive section. Having to be accountable to someone else is an incentive to stay that you're unable to summon resolve from your own. It doesn't matter who the support comes fromwhether it's a spouse, a colleague, friend, an online "buddy," or others. Five people could be in your group of supporters. Speak to them about helping you and holding you accountable while you attempt to meet your goal of losing weight or improving your health. Invite your support group to join in when you're struggling to keep to your healthy lifestyle. If you achieve modest weight loss goals or goals for exercise ask your friends and family to join you in celebrating your accomplishments.

6. Forgive Yourself

If you're a mess when you're on vacation and eat or consume too much alcohol, or don't exercise,be kind to yourself. Don't be a jerk! Instead, just say, "I really enjoyed my vacation" as you let your mind go as you please. Giving yourself the time to indulge in some indulgences from time to time is perfectly acceptable. If you begin to be a bit guilty about having dessert after a night out, accept the guilt and begin a more disciplined plan the following day.

7. Never Go Hungry

Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD the author of Diet Simple Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, author of Diet Simple, says that the most common cause of eating too much is not eating enough. "People are too lazy to eating, then they go to the gym when they're hungry to the point of being thirsty." Diets that are rigid don't work for everyone. Include snacks planned into your diet every day to avoid cravings. You should allow for treats every week but without guilt. Enjoy a brownie every Friday, and savor every bite.

8. Remember That Change Takes Time

It's easy to look at thin people and marvel at that they're lucky to be thin. But the reality is If a person who is thin has reached the age of 30 or perhaps even 20 years oldit's likely that they're striving to be thin every day. Learn from their experiences. Learn how they remain in shape. Do they do it by exercising more? Eating fewer snacks? As per Kathy Kater, a LSW and psychotherapist from St. Paul, Minn. The research regarding body composition is definitive. "Even even if everyone ate the same balanced, healthy diet and worked out to the same degree of physical fitness we'd still be varied in our bodies. Some of us are thin, and others very large, but the majority are at the middle." Take the initiative to alter certain habits of your life and allow you time to reach your goals. Also, acknowledge the reality that your body was supposed to be a certain size, even if the size isn't thin -- and you'll be content with it.

9. Move Around More Today; Sit Less

Be healthy by becoming physical active. Parking is near one end of your parking lot while you go you shop for groceries. Switch your TV channel by hand. Use the stairs while at work. Take a walk with your grandkids, kids, or grandchildren. Raining outside? Run or walk around while watching television. There's no excuses!
Based on Christopher Wharton, PhD, certified Personal Trainer and researcher at the Rudd Center for Obesity and Food Policy located at Yale University, the more time you exercise and the more intense the exercise is, the more calories will burn. "Studies have proven that with an increase in the duration of exercise the increase in the resting metabolism can be prolonged," Wharton says. Try to move more often and move less, which will increase your fitness and improve your health.

10. Celebrate Each Day's Journey

When you're pursuing your workout as well as weight-loss objectives, don't forget to take time to enjoy every day. Many women believe they live lives that are a constant battle. hopes of the next decade are closely interwoven with achieving a particular objective or goal that pleasures of any kind are not considered. The problem arises as the "goal" is the primary goal of life and begins to dominate the daily routine.

While being able to achieve an effective weight-loss/exercise objectives is essential be sure to take time to be grateful for each day's progress. Enjoy the moment and relish the everyday pleasures- each day.