9 Dishwasher Tablet Hacks to Clean Almost Anything

9 Dishwasher Tablet Hacks to Clean Almost Anything
No need to fret if you went a bit overboard at Costco and stocked up on more dishwasher tablets than your dishwashing needs require. These modern marvels, designed for dishwashers, extend their utility beyond mere cutlery cleaning. While various brands of dishwasher tablets abound, they share common ingredients and a singular purpose. These compact tablets fit seamlessly into the dishwasher's detergent dispenser, typically found on the interior of the door. At the designated moment in the cycle, the dispenser door opens, releasing the tablet to dissolve and infuse cleaning detergents into the water. Undoubtedly impressive on its own, the potential applications for this contemporary cleaning innovation are vast. Here are some creative uses that focus on enhancing the sparkle in various aspects of your home:
  1. Toilet Cleaning: Simplify your least favorite chore by dropping a dishwasher tablet into the toilet. As it dissolves, grab a toilet brush to scrub away, leaving a squeaky-clean bowl ready to flush.
  2. Washing Machine Maintenance: Combat the inevitable stink caused by mold, mildew, and bacteria in your washing machine. Drop two dishwasher tablets (four for larger or dirtier machines) into the drum, run a high-heat cycle, and enjoy a fresh, odor-free appliance.
  3. Whitening Fabrics: Revitalize white towels, sheets, and clothes by adding a dishwasher tablet to your regular detergent. The bleach content in the tablet will help remove stains and brighten whites, restoring them to a "like new" state.
  4. Removing Marker and Crayon Stains: Banish toddler "art" from walls and floors by dissolving a dishwasher tablet in warm water. Use the solution to dampen a sponge and wipe away stains.
  5. Oven Door Scrubbing: Restore the cleanliness of your oven door by using a powder dishwasher tablet. Wet the tablet and the surface, then scrub the door. Wipe with a dry paper towel and follow up with a wet one to remove any residues. Repeat the process for other oven parts, including racks, bottom, and sides.
  6. Patio Furniture Revitalization: Bring back the shine to plastic and metal patio furniture after a long winter by scrubbing it with a dishwasher tablet or using a dissolved tablet in warm water with a sponge. Wear gloves and clean wood and wicker furniture with a nourishing, oil-based soap.
  7. Uncrust Burned Pots and Pans: Ease the burden of cleaning burned pots and pans by filling them with water, adding a dishwasher tablet, and bringing the water to a boil. Simmer, drain, and wipe away stains effortlessly.
  8. Deodorizing Kitchen Trash Can: Keep your kitchen trash can fresh by filling it with boiling water and dropping in a dishwasher tablet. Let it dissolve and soak for ten minutes before pouring out the contents and wiping the can clean.
  9. Eliminating Gas and Oil Stains: Combat unsightly oil and gas stains on driveways or garages by dampening a dishwasher tablet until crumbly. Apply the paste to the affected area, let it soak for a couple of days, and rinse away the grease.
Dishwasher tablets indeed offer more versatility than meets the eye, proving that significant cleaning power can come in small packages!