15 Reasons Why You Should Not be Afraid of Getting Dental Implants

15 Reasons Why You Should Not be Afraid of Getting Dental Implants

Nervous about getting dental implants? Don't be. The simple, painless procedure is the best option to get a natural, confident smile.

The best solution for lost or damaged teeth would be to use dental implants. Implants not only help keep the natural contours of your face, but they also help protect the remaining teeth. While the thought of having surgery may cause some to be nervous they are a non-invasive procedure that has a positive outcome. Instead of sticking to traditional dentures that are susceptible to fall or even choking and choking, we'll give you reasons to schedule your next appointment to receive those dental implants. We've provided reasons to not be afraid during the process of getting dental implants. To give you more details about this subject, we advise everyone of our readers to click the link below to see all four implants in the lower jaw and think of a innovative ideas.


Planned Procedure

Like all surgical procedures surgical procedure, dental implant surgery involves a thorough plan that begins with investigations such as CT scans/X-rays and other alternatives to treatment. It is also possible to treat periodontal issues prior to undergoing the procedure.

A skilled dentist like the ones of Marylebone Smile Clinic with years of experience can deliver pleasing results, so you are able to confidently show off your whites with confidence.

Sedation & Local Anesthesia

Dental implants are invasive procedures which involves the jawbone, many patients are concerned they'll suffer pain that is intense. Some patients report that their pain is lower than when a tooth is extracted. But, the entire procedure is done with local anesthesia. This means that even if you're awake, there will not feel anything while the procedure happens.

If you're nervous the surgeon might offer sedatives or anxiety medications to ease the anxiety before procedure.

Modern Techniques Eliminate Discomfort

The advancements in dentistry are both amazing and groundbreaking. Today the procedure is minimally invasive, requiring only minor damage to the gums and the use of self-absorbing sutures to seal any cuts. The sutures do not need to be removed.

The pain and discomfort that comes after surgery can be controlled with over-the counter medication.

Trust Your Dentist

Implants for teeth are an ordinary surgical procedure which your dentist is well-versed in. It is possible to inquire about their experience and their success rate with regards to the procedure for assurance. Additionally, the post-operative management after implants will be monitored by your dentist to decrease the possibility of any issues. So, you can put all matters concerning your mouth to a professional.

Know What to Expect

The procedure will be discussed with your dentist in full prior to the surgery consultation. They will explain the procedure and also guide you on the limitations and suggestions following the surgery. Knowing what you can expect from your procedure can help to ease your mind and increase confidence with your dentist.

Guaranteed Success

Dental implant surgery is fairly safe procedure that has an astounding percentage of successful treatment of 95 percent. If you follow proper cleaning practices, you can make sure the implants will last for a long time. There aren't many complications and they can be addressed early. If you experience an implant failing dentist will take out the bone graft, and replace it within 3 to 6 months.

Quick Procedure Saves Time

The typical time to install an implant in the dental field is less than one hour. It is even lower when it's only one implant and not requiring tooth extraction. More teeth may require longer, but not as much, so you can rest sure that you don't need to be sitting in the dentist's chair.

Modern technology has enabled precision work that is time-saving and produces excellent results. CT scans produce an image of 3D of your jaw that can assist your dentist to determine exactly where to place the implants.

No Missing Workdays

In contrast to other surgeries that take at least a week of rest and includes hospitalization and recuperation, the dental implant procedure takes only one day of recovery.

This means that you can get your work completed on weekends , and then impress your colleagues by showing off your smile at the end of your workday. That's why dental implants are a great fit for your busy schedule.

Implants are Durable

Dental implants are strong unlike partials and dentures that may require replacement. If your implants work flawlessly in the beginning the odds of them failing for the next few years are minimal. In fact, with proper treatment, you will not need to replace your implants at all.

No Worries About Food Restrictions

Contrary to what many believe, you must adhere to strict diet guidelines for the duration of your implant surgery, be assured it's not the case.

While a diet based on soft foods and abstaining from alcohol is advised immediately following surgery and you are able to return to your normal diet after one week or so.

It is more likely the food choices you have will improve after the placement of the implant. It will be possible to eat food with more pleasure than you would without a chipped or missing dentures or teeth.

Dental Implants Protect Other Areas Of Your Mouth

After teeth loss jawbone becomes weak and suffers the jawbone loses bone due to the lack of stimulation caused by chewing. Implants which replace your teeth' roots are modeled after your natural teeth, thereby safeguarding your jawbone.

If you're missing a tooth, the rest of your teeth will attempt to make up for the loss. But, every tooth is created to fulfill various functions and could become stressed. The extra stress causes teeth to close the gap left by an absent tooth.

Implants help relieve the stress on the teeth that aren't there, aiding in chewing movements and also protecting the remaining teeth.

No Need To Worry About Your Smile While Your Implants Heal

If you're concerned that you'll need to cover your smile because of gaps due to missing teeth The dentist at your disposal has you covered. They will give you teeth crowns and temporary dentures or bridges, to cover missing teeth. They will replace them by your implanted teeth later on.

Implants are Non-reactive

Many patients are concerned about the possibility of reactions from the titanium. In reality the titanium used implant material is safe for living tissues. The bone grows around titanium implants and they are incorporated into the jaw bone. It is also free of rusting or corrosion. Even though they're made of metal, implants are light, so you won't have to fret about discomfort.

It is possible to make use of the implants for years to come, completely free of any fears of adverse reactions.

New Makeover

It is normal to be concerned about what the effects of implants could be on your appearance. In addition, unlike dentures that are removable dental implants are permanent enhancement to your mouth.

Remember that dental implants are made to fit into your mouth, with the exact color of the natural teeth. The manufacturing process is extremely exact to ensure that implants seamlessly blend in with the natural teeth. They also make it more comfortable to chew and bite when compared to dentures. You'll be missing out by not taking advantage of this advanced technology.

Worthwhile Investment

Dental implant surgery can get quite expensive. But, if you wish to consider the maintenance or replacement of your dentures bridges or partials implants made of dental material are an excellent option in terms of time and cost.

Implant surgery is a once-in-a-lifetime expense, with periodic appointments to the dentist to check-ups. However the cost increase from repeated appointments for other fixes exceed the cost for their less expensive alternatives.

The implants will pay for themselves due to their advantages. In the end, your smile is priceless and going the extra mile to smile with confidence is worth every cent.


It's normal to be nervous about having surgery, regardless of whether it's a minor procedure. The precise process of planning with no pain, minimal discomfort, and a high success rate makes it a top option for patients looking for a better oral health.

With the help of skilled hands, you can restore your smile. Don't be afflicted by dental gaps and put off getting implants. The fact is, life offers reasons to smile and these should not be overlooked.