Freddy Ramirez Wife: Get Alfredo Ramirez Miami-Dade Police Mishap and Family Subtleties Here!

Learn about Freddy Ramirez Wife, Jody, and what occurred in the episode, and remain refreshed on Freddy’s wellbeing.

Caused Freddy Ramirez attempt to damage himself? A reports affirm that it is because of a terrible contention with his significant other. Presently, this is igniting conversations across the US.

Individuals accept the contention could have caused him profound bitterness, and everybody is attempting to grasp the purposes for this disastrous outcome.

As the spotlight falls on Freddy Ramirez Wife, individuals are anxious to figure out her feelings and encounters. Allow us to find out about it better here.

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About Spouse of Freddy Ramirez

Hardly any reports in the web referenced that Ramirez had a long contention with his significant other, Jody. In this manner, many individuals are interested to realize Freddy Ramirez’s Family and spouse.

We set forth our best energy to assemble inside and out insights regarding her complete name, age, date of birth, identity, training, and that’s just the beginning. Tragically, regardless of endeavors, we were unable to track down any extra data past her name.

The nitty gritty note on the occurrence

On 23rd July 2023, a miserable occasion happened including Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez, the overseer of the Miami-Dade police division, and his significant other, Jody. They were approached to leave an inn in Tampa where Freddy was going to a gathering.

Afterward, while they were driving on the highway 75, Alfredo Ramirez Miami-Dade Police halted the vehicle and shot himself in the head. The sheriff of Hillsborough Area, Chad Chronister, said that Jody was with him in the vehicle when it worked out. The police report additionally uncovered that there were issues before this episode.

Current circumstance of Freddy Ramirez

On 24th June 2023, Monday, specialists carried out procedure on Ramirez, and they have him in basic however stable condition. The clinical group is taking fantastic consideration of him. The specialists have affirmed that it was anything but a Mishap, and we as a whole seek divine intervention for his fast recuperation.


Taking everything into account, the episode including Freddy Ramirez is profoundly unsettling. Reports recommend that it could be connected with a contention with his significant other, Jody, however there is no substantial proof or affirmation from Freddy himself. He is in emergency clinic, and we as a whole expect his quick recuperation.

Do you suppose a serious contention with his significant other prompted a discharge? Let us know in the remarks.

Freddy Ramirez Spouse: FAQs

Q1. What organization is researching the Freddy Ramirez shooting?

A: The Florida Branch of Policing is researching the Freddy Ramirez shooting alongside the Florida Thruway Watch.

Q2. When did Ramirez join the Miami-Dade Police Division?

A: Ramirez joined the Miami-Dade Police Division in 1995.

Q3. Did any other person get harmed in the episode?

A: No, no other person was harmed during the episode.

Q4. Was there any security film of the episode?

A: No, there was no security film accessible.

Q5. Who is Alfredo Freddy Ramirez?

A: Ramirez is a 27-year Miami-Dade police veteran and was driving the biggest policing in the southeastern U.S.

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