Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle: Why Esenyurt Tekel Baskini Video Moving on TWITTER? Peruse Obscure Realities Now!

Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle: Why Esenyurt Tekel Baskini Video Moving on TWITTER? Peruse Obscure Realities Now!

Here underneath, we have talked about Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle with proof that demonstrates this shocking episode.

Do you catch wind of the Güzelyurt Locale mishap? Do you catch wind of Esenyurt Tekel Vendor, who kicked the bucket in a sickening mishap with his client? On the off chance that not, then a stunning episode will knock your socks off. In the event that you have proactively found out about this occurrence, you should investigate the article to know the specific subtleties of what occurred in Güzelyurt Area.

Since this mishap came into center, individuals across the Overall inquisitive to understand what occurred in Turkey. In any case, this excruciating occurrence stunned everybody; you should peruse Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle present until the end on get everything about.

The shocking homicide scene is caught through CCTV camera; where 4 individuals came and began hot conversation and afterward began beating and shooting the men at couter.

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What occurred in Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle?

A stunning episode video is getting viral on the web in which three men shoot dead. The alarming episode occurred on Friday around 23.30 in Güzelyurt Locale when four came to a lacking shop.

These four men were in the vehicle, and soon after they showed up at the shop, they came into verbal clash with three men working there. Before long, these four men take out their firearms and begin taking shots at every one of the three men working in the shop. The whole occurrence was recorded on the camera, and this Esenyurt Tekel Video turned into a web sensation rapidly.

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Further subtleties of the occurrence

Among these three men, two, Yunus Emre and Batuhan Bayındır passed on the spot, however one of them, Emre Erzen, made due. In any case, Emre Erzen experiences serious wounds and is taken to the clinic. In any case, Emre Erzen's ailment hasn't been accounted for yet, however we petition God for his quick recuperation.

The eight suspects were kept after they were tracked down regarding the furnished assault that prompted the killing of two individuals and injury to one.

What is the response of the police to this episode?

Not long after this episode, police expanded security in the whole area and examined the matter. Additionally, the police are examining the justification behind the Twitter Tekel BaskıNı viral episode. For additional subtleties, you can look at the online entertainment joins underneath.

The four suspects have been captured and one among them was captured before. The five suspects were liberated after legal control.


An occurrence circulated around the web online in which four clients shot three men businesspeople in Turkey. However one of them had the option to make due, two of them kicked the bucket on the spot. The examination is going on.

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Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video Full Izle-FAQs

Q1. Is Emre Erzen presently recuperating?

Ans. Presently, we have no insights regarding Emre Erzen's recuperation.

Q2. What is the time of Batuhan Bayındır, who kicked the bucket in the occurrence?

Ans. Batuhan Bayındır is as of now 20 year old.

Q3. Does the police capture the suspect?

Ans. No, police haven't captured the suspect yet.

Q4. What is the time of Yunus Emre Erzen?

Ans. Yunus Emre Erzen is as of now 24 years of age.

Q5. Is Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı TWITTER video has been eliminated?

Ans. No, this video is as of now accessible on Twitter.

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