[Update] Epiqpay Scam: Actually take a look at All Authenticity Information and Client Surveys Now!

Look at the underneath article to realize the reason why a few Zoom clients recognize the Epiqpay installment email as Epiqpay Scam.

Do you utilize Zoom? Have you gotten any messages from Epiqpay? A few Zoom clients from the US got an email from Epiqpay. The email made sense of that Zoom clients will recieve an installment for a claim against Zoom class settlement.

As many individuals got the email, they figured it very well may be an Epiqpay Scam. Presently, we really want to see whether the email sent by Epiqpay is a genuine email or a phony email.

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Is the Epiqpay email a trick?

We like to illuminate our perusers that the email sent by Epiqpay isn’t phony. Indeed, you are perusing it accurately. The individuals who scrutinized the realness of the email can now diminish their pressure. The Zoom class activity settlement email sent by Epiqpay isn’t a trick. The email is 100 percent authentic.

Is Epiqpay Genuine?

Epiqpay is an organization that gives computerized installment administrations to class activity settlements. Epiqpay has a long history of circulating these administrations. The organization has gained notoriety for its security and dependability.

As a piece of the Zoom settlement, Epiqpay guaranteed the productive and secure arrangement of assets to qualified understudies. In this way, you don’t have to stress in the event that you receive an email from Epiqpay on the grounds that Epiqpay is a genuine organization.

More significant data about the Epiqpay Trick:

A few group received an email from the email id-noreply@epiqpay.com. On the off chance that the subject of this email contains the Zoom video settlement and the installment you will get by Epiqpay, you don’t have to stress. The email implies that the individual who got this email is a Zoom class settlement’s part. The individual can get an installment to their record.

What is in the class activity settlement payout?

As many individuals misconstrued this email as a trick, they looked for Epiqpay Reddit to find out about this claim. However, here, we like to clear up the entirety of your disarray. The settlement payout is simply relevant to those Zoom clients who downloaded, opened, or utilized Zoom between 30th Walk 2016 and 30th July 2021. The sum should be 15% of the expense of membership or $25.

How much cash can Zoom clients get past Epiqpay?

The individuals who have addressed Is Epiqpay Genuine would be glad to hear that you can get $32.32 through Epiqpay. As indicated by the Zoom settlement email, Zoom clients got this email on 31st May 2023, and they can guarantee their installment until 28th September 2023. For late updates about this email, you can check our “Web-based Entertainment Locales Connections” segment.

The Last Conversation:

We will demand our perusers not to spread bits of gossip about the Epiqpay Scam. The email sent by Epiqpay isn’t phony. We additionally prefer to illuminate you that the people who guaranteed before fifth Walk 2022 will get the installment as it were. Subsequent to guaranteeing the installment you will get the cash to your record inside two to five work days. You can click here to see how to change installment techniques in Zoom.

Have you additionally gotten the email? If it’s not too much trouble, remark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is the email sent by Epiqpay phony or a trick?

Ans. The email is genuine.

Q.2 Is Epiqpay a real organization?

Ans. Indeed.

Q.3 Inside how long we will get the installment?

Ans. Inside 2-5 work days.

Q.4 What is the expiry date of the Epiqpay email?

Ans. 28th September 2023.

Q.5 When did individuals get the Epiqpay email?

Ans. 31st May 2023.



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