Council Rock Teacher Arrested: Is Council Rock teacher facing child sex charges latest target of video vigilantes?

Council Rock Teacher Arrested: Is Council Rock teacher facing child sex charges latest target of video vigilantes?

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, A teacher at Council Rock High School is facing felony charges after he allegedly tried to meet with a boy aged 13 years old for a sexual encounter.

Steven Struzinski seems to be the latest victim of video vigilantes.

On Thursday, Struzinski (42), of Doylestown Township was charged with attempted involuntary sexual deviate with minors and attempted unlawful conduct. He was taken to Bucks County Jail without any legal representation.

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What's the next step for Steven Struzinski?

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, Struzinski, a social studies teacher at Council Rock North High School Newtown and an advisor to the school’s political science club, is also a member of the school's advisory board. Since 2003, he has been with the district.

Council Rock sent a notice to parents on Thursday notifying them about the arrest, but without identifying Struzinski. He has been placed in administrative leave. A spokeswoman for the district declined to answer any additional questions, including whether Struzinski is currently on paid leave.

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, The district will conduct an investigation into Struzinski's conduct, and encourage anyone with relevant information to contact law enforcement. Students and staff will have access to additional counselors at Council Rock North on Friday, according to the district.

According to the probable cause affidavit, although the incident took place in Buckingham's George Bush Park last May, it wasn't reported to Buckingham Police until March 1.

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, Authorities claim that Struzinski exchanged text messages with an adult man pretending to be a 13-year old boy between May 20th and May 23rd, 2022.

Struzinski sent an alleged private message through an app to a profile of the alleged 13 year-old.

They began to exchange messages, and the man pretending to be the boy informed him that he was 13.

Struzinski replied in a message, "Wow, you seem older," he claimed. Are you into older men or not?

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, Struzinski contacted the adult who posed as a teenager and sent him photos of his face. Struzinski claimed that he had also lived in Doylestown when he found out it was Doylestown.

According to the affidavit, Struzinski sent the "boy", a photograph of his face. Police later confirmed that the photo was Struzinski.

Authorities claim that Struzinski was repeatedly told by his contacts that the person with whom he was exchanging messages was 13 years old, but he continued to have conversations.

Struzinski wrote, "If you're cool then I'm okay with it," he allegedly wrote. "But I need to know."

According to the affidavit, the two met at Burnt Hill Road park, which Struzinski claimed was close to his home. Struzinski is alleged to have sent text messages that detailed the possible sexual acts he could perform.

According to the affidavit, Struzinski remained in touch with the man who posed as the teenager until Struzinski arrived at the park. Struzinski allegedly contacted Struzinski after he arrived at the park, and confirmed that he was awaiting in a 2022 Nissan Pathfinder near a pavilion.

Council Rock Teacher Arrested Police claim that a "witness", took a photograph of the Pathfinder with its license plate. The vehicle was quickly seen leaving the area after the photo was taken.

The affidavit stated that Struzinski was confirmed by police who ran the plate.

What are the online vigilantes?

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, The person who claimed to be the teenager was not identified by the Buckingham police in a court document.

The founder of Texas-based Video Vigilante Group, "Predator Poachers", claimed that Thursday's arrest was the result of at least four other Bucks County cases involving men who were allegedly having sexual conversations online with minors.

Predator Poachers, and other so-called vigilantes, conduct unauthorized sting operations that are inspired by "To Catch a Predator," a former NBC TV show. They seek to expose and identify adults who try to pursue minors through online dating and social media.

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, In order to lure adult men into meeting in person, DYI investigators often create fake profiles on dating apps and social networking sites. They then livestream the encounter and post it on social media.

They also often notify local authorities and give video, photos and chat logs to potential criminal investigations. Five defendants were convicted of attempted child sex in Bucks County District Attorney's Office last year after Predator Poachers information.

Council Rock Teacher Arrested, After pleading guilty, a Montgomery County man will be sentenced in May. He was charged with attempted unlawful contact and attempted corruption of minors. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for the Pipersville man who was arrested in June.

Trenton man pleaded guilty for attempted sexual assault on minor, and Penndel man is currently serving 7 to 15 years in Bucks County Correctional Facility.

A sixth defendant was not charged by the District Attorney's Office, citing a dearth of evidence.

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