Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video: Video Still Available On Reddit, Also Find Complete Incident Details

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video: Video Still Available On Reddit, Also Find Complete Incident Details

This research on Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video will help readers learn about the mass shooting at National Bank in Louisville.

Have you ever seen the video of Connor Sturgeon firing? What made him open fire on the bank? After hearing this news, many United States and Canada readers were shocked. The audience would like to know how many people died and where Connor Sturgeon  Instagram Video is located. We will discuss everything regarding the Instagram video. Get all the latest updates here.


Instagram Video By Connor Sturgeon

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video, According to online sources, Connor Sturgeon was a gunman who opened fire at an Old National Bank Monday. The situation was streamed by the gunman on Instagram, shocking everyone. Four bank employees were killed in this attack. Although the video was uploaded to several websites, it is very disturbing for faint-hearted people. The video may be found on several online sites.

Connor Sturgeon Reddit !!

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video, Online sources claim that Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year old gunman, stormed into a National Bank. The entire shooting video was shot and streamed live on Instagram. According to online sources, he entered the bank in Louisville at 8:30 AM on Monday. He killed four people. According to sources, one of those killed was the Governor's best friend. In a letter he also informed his parents that the Governor was planning to set fire to their bank. This massacre resulted in the deaths of Thomas Elliott, Juliana Farmer and Joshua Barrick. According to Connor Sturgeon Kentucky reports, he was carrying an AR-15-style rifle. CNN news reported that the incident was shared by police.

DISCLAIMER We can't share the entire video of the massacre online as it promotes violence among the people. We don't support violence and strive to promote peace in all communities and every corner of the globe. The video can be viewed on other websites.

Is the video deleted?

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video, According to the online sources, you might find the entire video on some online sources. Some websites have removed the video as it could promote violence. The Connor Sturgeon Instagram video is not recommended for faint-hearted viewers. It could cause serious distress and even death. The firing video link has not been shared by us as our site doesn't allow for violent content. We believe in peace and harmony. The reason for the shooting is unknown.


Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video, We have summarized the facts about the shooting that took place at the Old National Bank in Louisville. Connor Sturgeon was the shooter. More information about this mass shooting can be found at this link.

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Connor Sturgeon Instagram video - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Where did the mass shooting take place yesterday?

Ans. According to online sources, the mass shooting occurred in Louisville at National Bank Monday morning.

Q2. Who was the gunman

Ans. Online reports indicate that Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old man, was the gunman.

Q3. Which rifle did he use?

Ans. He had AR AR-15-style rifle.

Q4. Which video was posted by him on Instagram?  

Ans. According to online reports, he streamed the complete firing scene live on Instagram.

Q5. How many people died during this massacre?  

Ans. As per Connor Sturgeon Instagram Video, a total of four people died during this massacre.

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