Butch Casey Cause Of Death? How Did Sharon Anderson Die? Who killed Sharon Anderson? Where is Pablo Ibar now?

Butch Casey Cause Of Death? How Did Sharon Anderson Die? Who killed Sharon Anderson? Where is Pablo Ibar now?

This article provided information about Butch Casey Cause Of Death. A triple murder committed in Miramar in 1994 was recorded by a home security camera. The tape was then transferred to a VHS tape. This episode of Investigation Discovery's will air on February 1. Below in the article get the details on Butch Cause Of Death.

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Butch Casey Cause Of Death

Sucharski, also known by Butch Casey had just returned from a late night at Casey's Nickelodeon in Hollywood with two female guests, Sharon Anderson, and Marie Rogers. The scene was captured by a video camera that was placed in Sucharski's living room.

The footage then turns violent as two armed men, both hiding their faces behind clothing, storm into the room to terrorize the victims and spend several minutes torturing them. They also seem to be searching the house and asking questions about Sucharski. As they lay on the kitchen floors, the intruders shot and killed all three.

Sharon Anderson, her friend Marie Rogers and her mother decided to go on a short break to visit a bar. Her mother didn't know that Sharon would be the last time she saw her daughter. Police officers discovered Sharon, Marie and Butch Casey murdered at Casey's Miramar home in Florida the next morning. Investigation Discovery's "See No Evil: Murder On VHS" chronicles the horrific incident and shows how video from a hidden CCTV camera provided the crucial evidence investigators needed to solve the case. Let's dive into the details and learn more about the murder.

How Did Sharon Anderson Die?

Butch Casey Cause Of Death, Sharon Anderson was living with her mother in Miramar when her mother was murdered. However, she had big aspirations and wanted to be a star in the film industry. Sharon was described by those who knew her as a cheerful, energetic individual who loved making new friends and helping others. Sharon was well-known for her lively personality and friendly nature. She decided to spend June 26, 1994 with her friends, even though she didn't know it would end in her death.

Butch Casey and Marie Rogers. Sharon Anderson

Butch Casey Cause Of Death, Debbie Bowie, Sharon's sister, said Sharon was nervous on June 26, 1994. On June 27, Sharon had to attend a dress rehearsal for a new play. The aspiring actor was unsure if she was up for the role. After spending the day reading the script, Sharon called Marie to let her know that she was ready to take on the role. The pair then decided to head to a bar nearby to relax. Marie and Sharon decided to visit Casey's Nickelodeon because they knew the owner, Butch Casey.

The girls were invited to Butch's house by Casimir Sucharski for a small party. They happily accepted. Sharon's mother woke up on June 27 to find that her daughter had not returned home. Her mother immediately notified her family and reported her missing police. After discovering Sharon had been to Casey's Nickelodeon the night before her disappearance, law enforcement officers interviewed the bartender who told them about Butch's afterparty.

Butch Casey Cause Of Death, The cops heard loud music from Butch's home when they approached him. However, no one answered the door so officers entered to see a horrible scene. Officers discovered the bodies of Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers in the living room, with blood all over the walls. The room's furniture was destroyed and the victims were covered in bruises. An autopsy later revealed that Sharon, Marie and Butch had been beaten to death and were shot. Signs of forced entry also indicated an armed home invasion.

Who killed Sharon Anderson?

Because there were not many leads, the initial investigation into Sharon’s murder proved difficult. First, although the bartender saw the trio leave the bar together, there weren't any witnesses to the crime and Butch's neighbors hadn't seen anyone enter the home. The police also wondered if Butch had any business dealings that could have led to this horrific incident. Sharon and Marie were not known enemies. Butch's business associates were soon exonerated. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

A thorough search of crime scene revealed that a torn shirt was found in front of the main entrance. Detectives also found a hidden CCTV camera that was facing the room in which Sharon, Marie and Butch were murdered. The camera was connected to VHS and police spent hours recording the scene until they saw the trio entering the room. Two men entered the house shortly afterward. One of their faces was covered in the shirt that authorities had found at the crime scene. The other man also possessed a gun. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

The entire homicide was captured on video shocked the police. The police were also shocked to find the entire homicide recorded on video. The footage from the CCTV cameras was used by the police to restart their investigation. They soon arrested Pablo Ibar and Alberto Rincon in an separate home invasion incident. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

Although Pablo was identified as the man who revealed his face in the video, police began questioning his friends until Jean Klimeczko (the suspect's friend) suggested that Seth Penalver might be the second person. With Pablo already in custody the police issued an arrest warrant for Seth who promptly turned himself in. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

Where is Pablo Ibar now?

Butch Casey Cause Of Death. Both Pablo and Seth were arrested and brought to court. They both insisted on their innocence, and pled not guilt. Their first trial ended with a hung jury. Their second trial saw the result change. Seth and Pablo were convicted in first-degree murder. They were sentenced to death in 2000. Both men appealed their convictions and Seth was granted a retrial in 2012. The court ruled that there was not enough evidence for Seth to be convicted beyond the reasonable doubt. He was acquitted all charges within the same year, and released from prison. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

Pablo Ibar was given a retrial in 2019. He insisted on his innocence again. However, police found that the shirt they recovered from the crime scene contained the suspect's DNA. Pablo was convicted of three counts of first-degree killing, two counts each of robbery using a deadly weapon and one count of armed theft. The judge sentenced Pablo to three life sentences without parole and an additional 60 years for his other 2019 charges. He is currently being held at the South Bay Correctional Facility, South Bay, Florida. Butch Casey Cause Of Death.

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