[Watch Full Video] Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur

[Watch Full Video] Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur

Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur, It was a scream when the body of an 10-year-old child struck the concrete floor. Her body was seriously injured after being struck by an electric shock that could reach as high as 20,000 Volts. Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur. Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur.

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The order of occurrence "Budak meleku tnb"

The most amazing incident occurred at a local spot in Penang. The boy who was 10 years old played football alongside his friends in the yard around 3pm. As he chased football, Budak Melecur Tobb The ball was not blurred.

A child without fault He was still in the air trying to retrieve his ball, not knowing the danger that could endanger his life. He scaled the high wall in the TNB area and walked through the entrance to the power room that was then opened. When he was attempting to contact with the ball child's body was slammed with an electric shock, resulting from the high-voltage switches directly connected to TNB's primary stockpile.

Due to the "Kid consumed tnb no haze" incident

This incident is having a major impact on the kid who suffered as well as the family members of his. The 10-year-old suffered severe injuries as a result of a shock that was up to 22,000 Volts. The entire body was inflamed by a burning skin especially on his four legs that were directly impacted by the electric current.

He was admitted to hospital in a minimal health during the Emergency unit for several weeks. Some medical procedures need to be carried out to correct the injury to the inner organs and the skin. The child's family lots of healthcare costs. Furthermore, Budak Melecur Tnb No Blur also suffered mishaps as a result of electrical equipment being damaged within the influence room.

Obligations of gatherings associated to"Budak Melcult TNB "Budak melecul tnb" occurrence

This incident should serve as an example for all groups to collectively accept responsibility to ensure the safety of children in the future.

In the beginning guardians take on a crucial part in providing early education children about the dangers of electric shocks and the disclaimer of causing harm to other property. A thorough observing program must be completed to ensure that children's activities do not become dangerous displays without recognizing the danger.

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