Andrea Zaude Instagram: Check Her Foto, Wiki, Parents, Biography, Husband, Age, And Family Details! {2023}

Andrea Zaude Instagram: Check Her Foto, Wiki, Parents, Biography, Husband, Age, And Family Details! {2023}

This article will discuss Andrea Zaude Instagram, as well as other important details. Continue reading for more information.

Are you curious to learn more about Andrea Zaude Do you want to find out what happened to Andrea Zaude's life? You should read the entire article if you are.

People in Brazil know that Andrea was detained on several charges. The charges were filed by the criminal Investigation Department.

This article will provide information about Andrea Zaude Instagram.

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What happened to Andrea Zaude's life?

According to sources, Andrea Luciana Zaude, a personal trainer, was arrested for attempted embezzlement and attempt to murder. This is a trending topic on social media platforms such as Instagram. The State Department of Criminal Investigations arrested her for trying to embezzle at the Shopping Centre Norte. According to the report Andrea tried to get an order by showing a fake bank transfer. The transfer was faked by Andrea.

After the Crime

She tried to flee the scene after committing the crime. She tried to run over a worker at Shopping Centre. The crime was recorded by the 1st Heritage Police Station officer. The police conducted an investigation into the robbery. Andrea didn't react to being arrested. All of these occurred on RuaAmaral da Gama. When she ran over a centre worker, one of his legs was broken.

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Andrea ZaudeWiki

Andrea ZaudeWiki Andrea ZaudeWiki

The wiki does not contain any information about Andrea. The Shopping Centre has now revealed that she is an accused in the crime. Her family is not known. Information about her crime was not available anywhere. The same method was used multiple times to withdraw the money. The security guards saw the crime immediately and notified the police. The details of her parents are not online.

What did Zaude do before becoming a police officer?

Zaude attempted to flee the scene with her Jeep Compass before the police arrived. She ran over the security guard and broke one of his legs when he tried to stop her fleeing. After crossing the distance of 260m from the shopping centres, she was arrested. She was then taken into police custody. We don't know much about her Biography. It is known that she is a personal coach.

Andrea's Role on Social Media

Andrea posts about fitness and health on social media. She raises awareness about the benefits of sports and physical exercise for health. She will also face the consequences in Sao Paulo's court as she was taken into custody near a Shopping Centre. Andrea was the victim of nearly 25 complaints to the police. She has not disclosed any information about her husband or family. The police only revealed her profession.

Andrea after Arrest Reply

Andrea has not revealed anything about her arrest. After being arrested by police, she did not react. She was only charged with fraud and showed false bank transactions to the police. She tried to flee the scene where she had committed the crime. The worst thing she did was hit an employee with her car, breaking his leg. The police did not disclose her age.

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Andrea's crime has made her famous all over the country and she was taken into custody by police. Everyone has been shocked by her crime. For more please visit this link

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Andrea Family-FAQ

Q1. Where was Andrea arrested?

Sao Paulo.

Q2. With which shop did Andrea do scam?

A jewellery store.

Q3. With what charges was Andrea accused?

Attempt to embezzlement, attempt to murder and disobedience.

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