Alicia Navarro Found Dead: Actually take a look at Complete Data On Alicia Navarro Missing, And Wrongdoing Addict

This article uncovered Alicia Navarro Found Dead and her vanishing and more about Alicia Navarro.

Who is Alicia Navarro? What has been going on with Alicia Navarro? Alicia Navarro, a youngster young lady from Arizona, US, disappeared from home. As of late she showed up in the police headquarters.

Following four years, Alicia Navarro was found far away police headquarters.

Could it be said that you are interested about nitty gritty data about Alicia Navarro Found Dead secret case? Peruse the article completely to know whether Alicia Navarro Found Dead.

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When Alicia Navarro vanished?

Alicia Navarro, a 14 years youngster young lady from Arizona, disappeared before her fifteenth birthday celebration. Alicia vanished four years before in the evening. Police office specialists declared on 26th July 2023, Wednesday that the young lady was tracked down securely following four years.

Presently Alicia Navarro turned 18 years. She strolled into a police headquarters in a little Montana town. Montana police headquarters was found 40 miles far away from the line of Canada.

Alicia Navarro Missing

Alicia Navarro, a little kid who was absent in September 2019 from her home. Glendale police said that Alicia Navarro was distinguished and regarded herself as the adolescent.

In the press meeting, Jose Santiago, Glendale’s public correspondences security administrator, declared that Alicia Navarro was found securely. The correspondence administrator likewise referenced that the young lady was solid and safe.

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About Alicia Navarro

Alicia Navarro, a 14-year high schooler young lady, lived in Arizona Glendale, USA. Alicia lived with Ivan, her dad, and Jessica Nuñez, her mom. Alicia had a more youthful brother and sister when she vanished.

Alicia’s folks referenced that their little girl was a basic and sweet young lady. From the very outset of her young age, Alicia Navarro has great tangible capacities. She was likewise shrewd with electronic hardware. Alicia like to invest energy playing computer games. She normally plays Detours and Minecraft games. Alicia generally prefers to wear pullovers. Chicken strips are her number one food.

Is Alicia Navarro Seen as Dead?

No. Alicia Navarro was tracked down protected following 4 years of vanishing. The high school young lady, Alicia Navarro, was absent from her home situated in Glendale.

Alicia was missed on fifteenth September 2019, when she was 14. Following four years, Alicia Navarro showed up securely at the police headquarters on 26th July 2023. Also, presently she is 18 years.


Alicia Navarra has securely showed up at the 100 Miles far away police headquarters in Montana following four years. The greater part of them believed that Alicia was dead. Alicia’s folks have no words and are glad to see her little girl. Click the connection to get Alicia Navarra’s secret case and that’s just the beginning.

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Alicia Navarro Viewed as Dead: FAQs

Q1. Who is Alicia Navarro?

A youthful youngster young lady.

Q2. When was Alicia Navarro vanished?

fifteenth September 2009

Q3. Is Alicia Navarro found?


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